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So is Brandi the Tramp going to start screwing Paul too.?? And what is this big secret? We keep hearing about it but do we really know what it's a bout? Brandi is a tramp and a nut.....Doesn't she have enough work with the two boys, the show, taking her drugs and sleeping with all of Beverly Hills?

@ critic

The big secret is that Adrienne used a surrogate for her 6 y/o twins. She's in her 50s and, honestly, it wasn't a bloody secret to anyone. She didnt fake a pregnancy for 9 months or anything like that, was seen in public, etc.. Brandi was pissed b/c she was sick of Adrienne lying, and the Maloof's attempts to get Brandi to either lie or say bad things about Lisa; she didn't and suddenly press stories appear attacking her.
Brandi's not dumb, she knew they were Adrienne related.
I'd known /heard about this surrogacy LONG before Brandi said it, and not one of Adrienne's friends appears surprised OR upset when Brandi said it. AFTER Kyle baited and quizzed her repeatedly about why B was so upset w/Adrienne. Except maybe Kim, who did appear a little surprised, tho she was so effed she might not remember things from 6 -7 years ago!

@ critic

Sounds like you know Brandi personally. What drugs is she taking? What men is she sleeping with? Just because she is friends with Paul doesn't mean she is or will sleep with him. Apparently you didn't read the article...you just gleamed on gossip you heard. The article states what the secret supposedly is but I doubt it is even the truth because Adrienne wants to continue getting media coverage.


Does Adrienne have anyone in her life she doesn't have to pay? (Lawyers, her "chef" and her realtor). What a poor excuse for a human being.

@ Michaela

I think that's one of the reasons she's so pissed Brandi called her on things (not the surrogacy, other things, too). Adrienne is surrounded by YES people so she's doesn't understand the concept of someone disagreeing with or challenging her. She LIED, should Brandi have said something about the surrogacy things. Probably not, but just the week before when they were on that weekend trip Adrienne went on and on about how hard her pregnancies were and that she'd had c- sections w/BOTH pregnancies. I'm sure Brandi knew that was a (another) lie and just was fed up w/Adrienne's holier than thou attitude while she lies her ass about everything.

@ Kimmz

I had completely forgot about her talking about giving birth. I'm glad Brandi called her out. Hell she calls everyone out when the need arises. People call her a mean girl...I think she is just brutally honest and people can't handle it.


Both lawsuits are identical and you've done BUT create trouble for everyone.
Russell and YOU, both, hired attorneys to cover up the truth about your lives
He was a grifter/liar and you're a vindictive/liar.
You were both terrified of being exposed for who really are.
THE American Bar Association labels your efforts as frivolous litigation, a waste of tax payer resources, and unethical.
Nicole Kidman brags about her surrogacy and is beloved, admired, and respected.
Bottom Line: There is no lawsuit. None was ever filed in L.A. County Court.
Why? Because if you did, every single detail of your life would be exposed on the public record.
THAT you do not want, do you?
You only threatened litigation, so that Brandi would have to spend her meager savings on attorneys. What you did was purley malicious and vindictive.
WE ALL know there was never going to be a lawsuit, not alawsuit where you would have to submit evidence and testimony to Brandi's defense attorneys about every detail of your, oh so, personal secrets.
So, Dear, Hoof, off you go to sell your swamp land, ahem, "book", to your "fans", maids, assistants, or whomever, you will pay to post in your favor this week.
I'm a fan of Paul, Brandi, Lisa, ethics, and the American Bar Association ;)


You have got to be kidding me? THAT is what Maloof threw a fit over and was trying to sue Brandi for repeating? Adrienne is an ugly bitch, as is evidenced by her photo on the cover of. Her eyes are beady and the lower half of her face protrudes like an ape's. You'd think with all the money she has, and a plastic surgeon for an ex - she'd have had this fixed years ago. And of course the entitled cow used a surrogate! Why do it yourself when you can pay someone else to do it for you. Sweet justice would be to see this woman penniless and forced to actually work for something. As for Brandi? Take the high road girl. I wouldn't justify that stuck up Maloof bitch with another minute of attention by mentioning her to anyone.

@ F*** Maloof

Bwah ha ha! "The bottom half of her face protrudes like an ape"--that is genius, and SO accurate! (You're right about all the other stuff too, incidentally, but that insult was truthfully and masterfully crafted).


Push Brandi and she'll push you right back. Brandi was a devoted, loyal wife and awesome Mom who has shown amazing strength navigating the crap hand she was dealt. That reality show pays her bills since she's a single mother now. Pull the lion's tail and you get the teeth... law of the jungle baby.

@ Chris

Well put!!


The only way Brandi knows how to stay relevant is to trash others...

@ Jenny

If telling the truth is "trashing others" then you are absolutely, 100% right.
However, I'd rather have an honest friend than a backstabbing bitch. My BFF once was so upset b/c everyone on base was calling her a whore. After about 4 days of letting her pity party I told her "You're acting like a whore; i love you but stop sleeping with every frigging guy and they won't be able to call you a whore."
Did this cause problems at 1st, yes, cause no one want to hear a hard truth. But she now knows I am ready, willing and able to always be brutally honest with her and she doesn't have to worry about me talking behind her back b/c I will tell her to her face, every time.she knows she can trust me to tell her what she needs to hear, not what she WANTS to hear.
In Beverly Hell honestly seems to be a rare quality, telling the truth, speaking honestly isn't the "norm" and that's why most of these girls can't seem to handle the truth


OMG STFU already!!! This mess is so old and tired!! Grow up Adrienne. And btw who sues someone for talking bad about them? The courts are backed up enough with frivolous lawsuits. Quit acting like a 2 yr old. You already have plenty of money. Leave Brandi alone. She was probably speaking the truth anyways. I'm not buying the story that the secret was about surrogacy.

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@ Kellie M

Who sues someone for TELLING THE TRUTH about them, more like?

Absolutely frivolous litigation.

@ Rachel

A spoiled rich girl who doesn't understand that once you become a public figure the only type of libel or slamder that evenmPOTENTIALLY applies is if an 'incorrect harmful statement" was said/published with "intentional malice" or if the person intentially misrepresents the truth. To an extent she was already a public figure b/c of the Maloof's high media exposure from their recording company, casino and basketball team and comments made to the press because of these high profile businesses. Once Adrienne agreed to the show, she became for sure became a public figure, anyone can say just about anything. .This is how tabloids in the US get away w/ saying random BS. The fact that the statement was TRUE, therefor it's not libel or slander. I would really like to know who the hell her lawyer is that they agreed to attempt this case. The matter was settled during the civil rights movement in NY Times v Sullivan. I also find it strange that her kids were on the show until Brandi appeared, I remember them swimming w/dad in their pool, playing at a BBQ etc. They were around and did talk on camera occasionally.

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