Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart: Full-On PDA Alert!

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Move over, Demi Moore. Another cougar is reportedly on the prowl.

Witnesses tell In Touch Weekly that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Adrienne Maloof, recently divorced from husband Paul, was spotted at dinner this month with Sean Stewart, a young man 20 years her junior.

Adrienne Maloof, Ugly Dress
Sean Stewart Photograph

"It was really full-on PDA," a source gushed to the tabloid of Maloof and Stewart's dinner at Koi in Los Angeles.

Chimed in another insider, speaking about the reality star and the son of rocker Rod Stewart:

“They looked really cute and comfortable together, definitely like they’ve known each other a long time. They were sitting really close and talking in each other's ear and then ordered food to share.”

We bet that's not all they shared that night! If you know what we mean!


It just goes to show that money can buy you just about anything. This guy doesn't look like he is any prize, but he can still do better than someone the same age as his mother!


well i think that whats makes her happy then do it !! you have to admit she is a hot mommy , so she needs to do what makes her happy , u only live once! u go adrienne!


Ugh! That guy was on one of those drug rehab shows, he's a total loser. And she is TOO old to be dating someone 20 years younger. Why is she pulling a Demi Moore...does she not know how that story ends???


That is just nasty!!!

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