Adam Lambert Parts Ways with Record Label

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Having made many headlines recently for his criticism of Les Miserables, Adam Lambert is now in the news for his own career and here's why:

The singer has parted ways with his record label.

Lambert in London

Lambert's deal with 19 Entertainment expired this month and The Hollywood Reporter confirms "both sides" have agreed not to sign a new contract.

A rep for former American Idol runner-up says the parties leave “amicably and with the utmost respect for each other,” adding that the choice for Lambert is just part of his “evolution,” which started when he joined Direct Management Group.

Under Entertainment 19 since 2009, Lambert has released two studio albums, as well as collections of live tracks and remixes.

His latest album, "Trespassing," debuted at number-one on the Billboard 200, with sources saying conversations are already underway about a third CD.


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Happy birthday adam lambert i really love you and i love your song


Totally off base, still with RCA, just chose not to resign with 19 his decision, they were part of Idol he had to sign with, no choice. He was able to drop as management in 2011, for a comp. that handles Katy Perry, Adam and other's. All they we're doing at this point was taking large junk of his profits. Also they caused problems by being in the middle of decisions. Now RCA and Adam are in planning stages for third album. Adam is still with RCA, he still with his chosen management, the difference is the decisions are now between Adam and RCA, and the profits are RCA and Adam's main thing they were doin is taking a large piece of his profits, with doing little to nothing in return. Most from idol will get out when contract is up its now 4 years, first 5 years of idol it was 10 years, they were sued changed to 4! Why some still there in first 5 years and some time not run out yet! ad was able to drop them as managemt in 2012, had keep the rest of contract 18 more months, it expired this month and happily he did not resign! He still with RcA and his now managemt, and he is now planning his third album with them. RCA is STILL his record company! Everything is fine and actually much better for this move, the profits are a two way split now, more money for album and other projects! Due


Adam did NOT part ways with his record company. He is still with his record company, RCA and is beginning work on a 3rd album. Inflammatory headline is all this is and not accurate at all.


Waiting to see a correction of this sloppy "journalism" please. Anything for hits, huh.


I cannot believe you got this wrong! Doesn't anyone proof read anymore! Please correct your error! RCA is Adam's Label and he is doing a Third Album with them. Good riddance to 19! They take and give nothing!



@ abe

Abe, I knew a Homophobe would show up and being the jerk you are, here you are! Do you know how pathetic you are, but good for laughing at what a tiny dick you are!


Hollywood Gossip GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE REPORTING!!! Sheez, Where did you get your degree in journalism from? Adam is still with his label, RCA. He just parted ways with 19 Recordings, the recording part of Idol management. He is now free of Idol and only with Direct Management. Yes he is still with RCA, Get it! Now report it right


Yeah, you got it wrong. Now fix it.


19 Recordings was not his main record label, it is just an original contract he had to sign to be on American Idol. His label is Sony/RCA Records which he is still with and getting ready to record his #3 album!

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