Twins Fighting in Womb: Captured on Video!

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In their defense, it has to get pretty cramped in there by the third trimester.

Twins are known for fighting and bickering, but a fascinating new video showing a couple of soon-to-be born siblings shows just how early that pattern begins!

The footage, from inside the womb, demonstrates what really goes on in utero, and it's unharmonious, with the kiddos exchanging kicks in a bid for extra legroom.

In all seriousness, this was observed as part of a serious medical study:

A high-tech monitor known as the "cinematic MRI" allows doctors to see, in better detail, when twins vie for space in utero and the potential consequences of that.

Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke of Imperial College's Robert Steiner MR Unit in London said this has an important application on a diagnostic level for twins.

Doctors use it to diagnose how fetuses are affected by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) - a condition in which one identical twin siphons blood away from the other.

"A lot of the so-called videos in the womb are very processed, so they do a lot of reconstructing and computer work afterwards," Taylor-Clarke told Reuters.

"These are raw images that are acquired immediately."

This condition deprives the "donor" of nutrients and can put too much pressure on the heart of the one receiving the lion's share, according to the Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation.

It can occur at any time during pregnancy. While a regular ultrasound may be able to detect TTTS, it does not reveal its impact; researchers hope to change that.


This is stupid. They are not fighting. Even pregnant with one child they do that because it's cramped. All it did was kick it's feet. Come on, seriously?


That poor twin looks squished! I'd be kicking too, haha. I do wonder what these two will be like when they are out of the womb and their personalities are evident. I enjoyed reading the stories below. I find twins fascinating, especially identical twins, because despite identical DNA, environment (starting in utero!) makes them true individuals with different personalities. The bond with twins is also interesting. Even those who lost a twin--Elvis Presley for example--will remark feeling that presence that they had shared space. My younger sister apparently from a young age had sensed having a twin, and it was only when she was older, she learned my mum miscarried her twin. Those kinds of cases are so odd to me, because my mum miscarried during the 2nd trimester. One has to wonder, what is this sense my sister speaks of (that others like her have as well)? Elvis' was with him until birth and a stillborn, so they shared space longer in development so that seems to make more sense. But the earlier loss of twin fetus earlier on is more curious...


i would like to add that they are very close to one another and always have been. i encouraged them to have different friends and interests, as they liked and did not dress them alike--allowing them to pick their own clothes from age 3 up. but they have an inexplicable closeness. they have conversations without words, and a bond that transcends time and space. they need each other although they live in different states. no rivalry. just love and a lifelong bond that is enviable. is anybody reading this?

@ nancy

I did read you post.
I have a twin brother. We just turned 53 on Dec. 1.
W are identical. Each 6 lbs 12 oz and 21" long.
We have alway been close. We have three older brothers and we are not as close to them as we are to each other. My twin brother and I are more "brothers" than we are with our other siblings.
We live in different states, no rivalry. Just love & a lifelong bond.


i have twin girls who jostled for space throughout the 39 week pregnancy. i could feel them fighting. at an ultrasound two days before they were born, they were both head down, in position. but one, while entering the birth canal kicked her sister, who went flying upwards and into a breech position. how that happened without me feeling it is something i will never understand. i had a c-section because of that and the first twin was pulled back from the birth canal. they are identical--were 6.9 oz and 7 lb. and 19 1/2 and 19 1/4 " long. the personalities that they showed in the womb are the personalities they maintain to this day (19 years later) the kicker is the extrovert and the other an introvert. my own beautiful science experiments!