Trey Songz Shrugs Off Alleged Twit Pic, Gay Rumors

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Trey Songz is focusing on what matters most this holiday season.

And, to the R&B singer, that does not include rumors of a homosexual relationship.

Trey Songz Photograph

With a photo circulating online that purports to depict Songz kissing another man (BELOW), the artist has taken to Twitter and shrugged off the chatter.

"On my to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family," Songz wrote. "No senselessness, lies or hate can take away my joy. #LOVE."

Songz has battled this kind of rumor for years, but the following picture is the first alleged proof many bloggers are pointing to as signs of his sexuality.

We couldn't care less either way, but you tell us: Is Songz one of the men in this image?

Trey Songz Kissing Photo?

he is gay bitch


that is not fuckinqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq treyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy songxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx stupid broads

@ Lenny

First off Trey songs is NOT GAY !, so stop makin rumors, Quit hatin cuss yuu jss wanna be in his shoes !!!!!!!!!

@ Jessica Louis

rith that man is not fucking gay yall just hating hit me up if u got a p with it 225-573-7596


august 8th ,1998


You can tell by the thin, perfectly plucked eyebrows alone that it's not Trey! This is NOT Trey and if you look at any profile pic you can see he has a different hairline, ear and eyebrows.

@ Mrs. Songz

shut the fuck up all of yall it is him


Thats Enrique! he;s my friend on facebook!!! The light just made it look like trey!.. Its NOT trey!


No, that's not Trey, that's Enrique somebody. Enrique already admitted that it's him.

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