Tim Tebow Denies Rift with Jets, Speaks Up for Character

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A Tim Tebow trade will almost certainly go down this offseason, if the team doesn't cut its backup quarterback outright.

But while he's still a member of this terrible organization, the maligned quarterback wants to set the record straight: No, he never refused to play for the squad during last week's game against San Diego.

Tim Tebow as a Jet

Because Mark Sanchez sucks, he was benched in favor of Greg McElroy, with reports then surfacing that Tebow - offended over being passed over for the gig - told Rex Ryan not to use him at all in the game.

Not even in the Wildcat formation for which his skill set is supposedly made.

But Tebow spoke to The New York Daily News yesterday and clarified his stance.

"That wasn't the talk at all," Tebow said of the rumored complaint. "[Coach Ryan] knows that. And everybody on this team knows that I would never not to do something if I was asked. …

"For people to not know the situation and then start to bash your character and then say you're a phony or you're a fake or you're a hypocrite, I think that's what's disappointing and that's what's frustrating. Your character is who you are as a man and that's a lot more important... I take that way more serious than I'll ever take a football game."

Tebow was clearly brought in by New York as some kind of PR gimmick, seeing as the team hasn't bothered to play him for any extended time.

But he didn't sound bitter in the newspaper interview. He just wanted to clear his good name and not come across as a prima donna.

"You work your whole life to build a reputation," Tebow said. "Then people try to bring you down when they don't understand even what happened. It's disappointing. You just want to express your side of the story... You want people to look at what really happened, not what one person said."

We believe, you, Tim Tebow. And we also believe the Jets are an awful football team.

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The Jets aren't worth the effort or the talents Tim Tebow has to offer. Like with the Broncos, Tim was never given the just chance to prove himself. The media has been so unfair to him - largely because of his deep Godly beliefs. He is extremely talented and those giving criticize should look back at his FL Gator days. His talents and abilities have been suppressed by both the Broncos and Jets. Go TIM - welcome back to Florida. Lets build the Jaqs to a super bowl winning team - squashing the broncos and the jets.

Louis galdo

The NY Jets are a ‘classless’ organization. I do not know that much about Tebow but I will take my chances and say that he is the true man on that dysfunctional team.