THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #7: President Barack Obama!

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With 2012 coming to an end, it is with enormous pride that THG unveils its 10 finalists for its prestigious, arbitrary, 6th Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars provided us with their best, their worst, their naked photos, sex tapes (sometimes) and scandals (often). This month, THG honors that greatness.

We started at #10 with Adam Levine, then moved on to Honey Boo Boo at #9 and Kim Kardashian at #8. Now we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #7 ...

President Barack Obama!

Goin' For 2 (Terms)

Our 44th Commander-in-Chief had quite a year.

It wasn't easy, but despite a grueling campaign and a number of formidable obstacles, Barack Obama earned himself a second term in the White House November 6.

He faced a tough economy. A sluggish economy.

He had his critics. Some very vocal critics.

He had his flaws. A great many flaws.

He faced a candidate, Mitt Romney, who assailed him for the better part of two years and who many times looked, acted and sounded the part of a president.

He even faced his first-ever scandal.

Just the same, Obama persevered and exhibited his typical steady hand, pushing for social and economic reforms while navigating the U.S. through trying times.

He's also married to Michelle Obama. Lucky guy.

Love him or hate him, he's not going anywhere.

For another four years, Barack Hussein Obama II is, appropriately, the face of our soon-to-be majority-minority nation (according to the 2043 Census projection).

So regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, let's put aside our differences and get behind the soon-to-be re-inaugurated President of the United States.

At least until we go careening over the fiscal cliff.

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