The X Factor Results: And the Winner Is...

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A 13-year old protege. A country singer sensation. A harmony-filled group of females.

Three very different acts vied for The X Factor Season 2 crown tonight, with only one, of course, voted as the winner of the grandest prize in reality television.

So... who is $5 million richer?

X Factor Season 2 Finalists


The cowboy who led throughout most of the season in fan voting took it all home in the end.

Was this the right choice? Vote now:


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Carly Rose is really good, and I hope she stays the course, as opposed to some of the other artists that strayed. However, Tate has a proven conviction to his passions (singing and family) that brought him to the show in the first place, and carried him thru to be the winner. This is clearly not a mid-life crisis, rather someone who recognized an opportunity to peruse a dream, was supported by everyone that cares about him, and was proven right by the American public. Good for you Tate, and kudos to everyone that supported him on this journey!

@ Casey

Agreed ! You took the words out of my mouth !


Singing competition with the X factor, so the X factor is a old man that's having a mid-life crisis, has a family with two kids, leaves his job to be on reality show, everyone feels sorry for his sad ass story!


So proud of Tate. Carly did well but she has her whole life ahead of her! I'm so glad Tate won :)

@ Meg

how can you say that Carly has her whole life ahead of her...So did Justin Bieber and he was young as well and look at him now ...So please!! Carly Rose is the real Winner!!!

@ Meg

Are you serious??