The X Factor Finale: Who Should Win?

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The performance are over. The Khloe Kardashian insults have nearly run their course. And The X Factor fate now rests the hands of the viewers.

Following a tribute to the victims of the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the finalists took to the Fox stage last night for three performances:

  1. Their favorite song from an earlier stage of the competition.
  2. A duet with of a famous hit with its original artist (LeAnn Rimes, Little Big Town or Demi Lovato).
  3. A track chosen by themselves and their mentor.

Who left the best impression? Young Carly Rose Sonenclar? Country music star Tate Stevens? Or underdog group Fifth Harmony?

Vote now: Who should win Season 2?


if carly would have won i would probably have to stop watching any hollywood shows, hollywood is becoming an act about making everyones dreams come true and its getting dull least in my opinion. they should just act rich and snobby, at least then they'd seem human. I remember watching movies made in the 70's and 80's about how hollywood was like, full of rich, snobby kids living in Malibu thinking the world was theirs. Now its seems the same except it's like they're trying to be Gods, helping the poorest and people in the most dire situations' dreams come true. its so patronizing to watch. Its like the poorer and less privileged you are, the more they like you. There's also trends on youtube of really ugly people getting thousands of likes and a lot of support. There's nothing wrong with that but half the time these kids are like everybody else, just ugly. Its like the new trend is to love the ugly and unprivileged. So from being a society that loves only the rich, and beautiful, it's now one that loves the rich and beautiful, or the exact opposite, the ugly and poor...what a weird way to live.


carly should win this


I noticed the pattern with the performances but it is nice to have a concrete list of the format here to confirm my suspicions. The whole show was a great success and hearing them do their previous songs even better was a highlight for me. My DISH coworker is sure that Tate will win, but I’m leaning towards Carly Rose or Fifth Harmony now. We talked about it on the way to work because I had the ability to watch the last show in any room of my house this morning, with my DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR. I start in the bedroom, pause, and then I can resume in the kitchen where I left off, and finish in the living room. That ability to multi-task when I’m getting ready in the morning means I get to watch more TV these days than when I didn’t have the Hopper.


I love Carly rose songs and I love when she sing like a angle


Carly should definitely win as she is by far more talented then the chunky country crooner and the manufactured group put together to compete on this seasons X-Factor, 5th Harmony. Carly is authentic and real. There are a million country singers like Tate Stevens singing sad country songs. He will have a career in music in that dull style of music. Carly deserves to win, period!!!!

@ Paul

I love Carly Rose songs when she sing like a angle. :)

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