The Voice Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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This was, without a doubt, The Voice results show of the year so far.

With no idea how things would shake out, the six remaining contestants were waiting on pins and needles to learn if they would earn one of the four semifinal spots.

The Voice Top Six

As has been the case since the live shows began, the coaches have no way; it's all up to America now, and it's every singer (not team) for himself or herself.

So who's out and who's on to the final four? Let's find out:

The eliminated two singers leaving The Voice are ...

Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown, both of Team Adam.

Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott of Team Blake and Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David of Team Cee Lo are on to the semifinals next Monday night.

Melanie was eliminated first, with the final spot coming down to Amanda and Nicholas. Both were deserving of another week, but the voters have spoken.

This result will likely be controversial, as will be the debate over which of the surviving stars has the best stuff going forward. We turn it over to you below!

Do you agree with The Voice results tonight?

Who will win The Voice (of the top four)?


America got it RIGHT. Melanie should have gone home weeks ago! Amanda is talented, but she didn't step it up this week. While I don't think Nicholas will win, I enjoy watching him perform and glad he's in the finale.


ugh the cassadee fans seem to be everywhere... voting like rabid dogs. Pretty sure they don't know what singing is supposed to sound like. (Don't get me wrong - Casadee can sing but she's medicore at best when compared to Amanda, Nicholas, Terry or Cody)

@ Reshma

agree completely!


Amanda got screwed. She was clearly the most naturally gifted vocalist. Terry will go nowhere. Let's be honest, he does what bands already did better 30 years ago. Trevin is boring and does the same thing each week. Honestly I fast forward half way through most of just performances


America got it horribly wrong !
Melanie Martinez was screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Amanda got robbed.
Are people serious about Nicholas and Terry? Talk about 1-trick ponies.

@ Big daddy

COMPLETELY AGREE! Nicholas and Terry horrible and boring and not modern at all, Amanda was amazing, and she could do so much.
Team Cassadee though<3 But completely disappointed and shocked by Amanda being voted off.


I would love to see Terry of Lotus Crush ein, he's soo awesome, love his music!


America got it right. Adam did not do a good job with Amanda and Melanie last night: He had both of them sing out of their usual genre, and this late in the game, America wants them to sing the songs that they would have on an album. Amanda has a great voice, but there was never a clear sense of who she was as an artist - rock vs R and B. I loved Melanie, but last night Adam had her sing that childish song that belonged on Sesame Street, rather than her usual unique folk singing. I put this on Adam rather than Melanie and Amanda - they sang the songs given as well as they could have.

@ kcfield

Nah, Melanie sucked.

@ acdcfield

Amanda and Cassadee both suck !
and so do you . ! you dont know Music!


..........four singers aka magicians aka nurses?