Taylor Swift Stalker: Apprehended on Singer's Property

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Note to Taylor Swift fans: Appropriate birthday gifts for this singer include cupcakes and/or Selena Gomez dance videos.

Not uninvited stops by her house.

But some idiot named Jacob Kulke apparently didn't get that memo, as sources confirm to TMZ the 24-year old was arrested around 1:45 a.m. today after after jumping a fence and trespassing on her property.

Taylor Swift on Jingle Ball Red Carpet

Kulke told authorities he was Swift's boyfriend and had taken a bus from Wisconsin to Nashville in order to celebrate her birthday.

But police weren't buying the tale and Kulke was placed in jail. He's beind held on $10,000 bail.

The troubled young man was convicted of battery, disorderly conduct and drug possession in 2010 and placed on 13 months probation at the time.

Thank goodness Taylor came out of this unscathed!


That guy is nuts! :)

@ Levi

Maybe he's a guy directioner! hahaha!

@ truthis

LOOL! good one! I heard directioners has been having like a little war with swifties. Didn't directioners just got a fight with some Beliebers a few months ago? What a fanbase!

@ tyson

yeah! heard that too. the fight bet. beliebers and directioners were trending before. and they are targeting swifties. Their fanbase is a WARFREAK. uggh. good thing i'm not one of them.


She's too skinny, just look at her arm, yikes.


some people can't stand the idea some lonely boy is milking her today.

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