Taylor Swift-Harry Styles Romance "Annoying" Rest of One Direction, Insider Spills

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are taking their whirlwind romance worldwide.

The other four members of One Direction are reportedly not happy about it.

Taylor and Harry in NYC

Just one day after Swift, 22, and Styles, 18, were seen holding hands in NYC, the high-profile young duo headed across the pond to London on her private jet.

Styles' 1D pals? Not fans. Why?

"The rest of the band were a bit annoyed about the whole thing," a source tells E! News. "They took a Virgin commercial flight and there were tons of spare seats on the jet."

"They were a bit miffed that Harry chose to go with her instead of them. They had just finished a huge concert in NY and all of them were on such a high."

"The fact that he left them to travel solo irritated them a bit."

Upon arrival, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles went to his London pad. USE YOUR IMAGINATION as to what happened there (probably some heavy cuddling and talking).

The next night, Haylor was back at it after the guys' concert in that city, and she made sure to make things right with Harry's mates en route to the next show.

"Saturday night, 1D performed at the O2 arena," the source continues.

"After 1D's performance, Taylor got on the boys' tour bus and took the three and a half hour drive from London to Manchester with the rest of the band."

"It was a nice gesture of her. Definitely came across as her way of making nice with everyone, of bridging the gap. She wanted to show them she is one of the boys."

Still, One Direction doesn't know what to think of them just yet.

"Taylor isn't really his type," says the 1D insider. "Everyone has been questioning whether he is really into Taylor, but that might just be jealousy."

"He is certainly getting a lot more attention than his bandmates. Harry isn't looking for anything serious right now, but maybe it will last, we will have to wait and see."

How long will it last? You tell us below ...


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