Taylor Swift and Harry Styles: How Long Will it Last?

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are definitely an item, but the track record of the pop-country cutie makes you question how long it can possibly stay that way.

No one's disputing that the adorable Swift enjoys writing romantic songs, talking about fairy tales and musing about falling in love. It just seems to happen A LOT.

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For a time, it looked like Conor Kennedy was The One for her.

That time was like July-September, and it was a serious relationship by Swift standards. How will current boy toy Styles rank among her previous, famous beaus? You tell us:

How long will Taylor Swift and Harry Styles last?


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Is she looking for a virgin?......or several????Sounds like she is a slut......


I think taylor swift is awesome! The only thing i advise, Like I do all my friends that seem to be dating one guy to another is to slow down and take a break for yourself, give yourself time to think so you don't make the same mistakes.


If she were anybody else people would call her a slut!


She has admittedly dated: Joe Jonas
Taylor Lautner
John Mayer
Jake Gyllenhall
Conor Kennedy
Lucas Till and she's only been on the scene for 4 years. So at least 6 confirmed exes in four years, that's more than Kim K. in the last four years and she's considered a tramp. So what's Taylor really?


Has anyone stopped to think that most of those "hookups" are just her friends that the tabloids have ran away with? Just because someone is seen laughing with or walking with or jeez even having a bite to eat with doesn't always mean she's "dating" them. Since when in society nowadays does hanging out with someone of the opposite sex automatically mean your dating them? Its all just the tabloids making celebrity lives more exciting for us than they really are.


This girl changes men like she changes her panties. From one man to the next. I know she is young and having fun, but how many men does it take?


Very sick of seeing Taylor and all the news about her boyfriends. She is a user and then toss's them away. Sad that she has to toy around with young boys to have song material. Date older more mature men Taylor, they can see thru you right away. I'm a big country fan, and really have only liked one of her songs. Her voice isn't that good in my opinion.


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Omg you people are so gullible she didn't date ALL of these guys do some research before you decide to judge people plus I'm pretty sure half of you are easier than Taylor. She's making millions off of her breakup songs while all you guys get is heartbreak


Maybe she should stop dating boys and check out real men.

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