Tate Stevens: A Journey to The X Factor Title

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He was among the front-runners all season long and, last night, Tate Stevens took his place among reality show singing champions, snagging the $5 million prize offered each year to The X Factor winner.

"My next dream is to make this album and be able to tour and live that life - do what I love doing," Stevens told reporters after the show. "I love entertaining people, I love performing for people and I'm finally getting the chance."

But before we look too far ahead, let's take a look back at Tate's journey, starting with his initial audition:

Feels like forever ago, huh?

Sound off now on whether you think Stevens should have won and then watch a number of other performances that helped him achieve this dream:

Tessa bonneville

I’m so glad Tate won! My DISH co-workers and I all immediately loved him after his initial audition. He was always one of the top talents on the show this season and he definitely deserved to win. I actually had plans with my sister last night so I wasn’t home to watch the finale, but I was able to catch up on it with my DISH Hopper this morning. It’s so convenient because I never even have to worry about setting any DVR timers. Everything on all four major networks during the primetime hours gets recorded for me automatically.


I'm very happy Tate won. Vino was my favorite. Carly is talented but young and a bit one-dimensional. I'd like to see her evolve. She will do fine. Tate needed it more with his age. Carly will make more than 5 million in her long life. I'm not a country fan but I liked Tate's voice.

Joyce adkisson
@ Meg

You are right she will make much more,feel she should of won but being tate was older feel that was why he got it,should of went to N..TN, BUT WAS AFTER 5 MILL. CAN'T BLAME HIM.

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