Storage Wars Lawsuit: David Hester Claims Show is Fake, Fired Him Out of Spite

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A blockbuster lawsuit against Storage Wars has been filed by David Hester, one of its best-known figures, alleging that the A&E hit is fake and fired him out of spite.

The show reportedly picked up Hester’s contract option, then rescinded it for Season 4 after he raised a series of complaints to the network and producers.

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Now, in his Storage Wars lawsuit, Hester accuses the show of illegal activity and an ongoing pattern of outrageous behavior in deceiving the public.

The suit contains many bombshell claims, including that that the network and producers regularly “salt” lockers with valuables to add drama to the show.

They also rig the bidding and even paid for a female cast member’s plastic surgery to add sex appeal, according to Hester, who seeks millions in damages.

Seriously? In a word ... yuuuuuuuuuup!

He says cast members confronted execs at an in-person meeting this year about the show being rigged, then found himself fired and indemnified days later.

How is Storage Wars supposedly fake? Specifically, he alleges:

  • Producers staged entire units and enlists cooperation of owners of storage facilities
  • The show pays for lockers for “weaker” cast members as part of the manipulation
  • The show plants items in lockers after having them appraised weeks in advance
  • The show obtains items to be placed in the units from a business regularly on air

In addition, Hester alleges that interviews are scripted and that scenes of bidding are faked to the extent that there NO auctions shown are open to the public.

Perhaps the suit’s biggest claim, however, is that the cast members, along with Hester, raised concerns about the bullet points above and were dismissed.


I figure,at least 95% of the "reality" shows are fake.It really doesn't bother me,the poor acting is what ticks me off.If Mr.Yuuuuup was so concerned,how come he didn't blow the whistle,right from the get-go?


Hey Dave, Seeee Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha!! Im glad Hester is gone, that guy was so annoying! I dont care if the show is fake, its still funny and I will still watch it, now we just dont have to hear Yuppppp during the whole show. lol


Sour Grapes... if it's fake, that idiot sure stayed on the show long enough... if it was fake he should have quit long long ago and make everyone happy! I'm glad he's gone.


Of course valuable items were always planted. Everyone knows that after watching a few episodes.
It was of some entertainment value though, if you pretended they weren't. At least you learn a few things too with this show and Pawn Stars in an entertaining fashion.


The only true part of the program is the auction sale. Items are planted to keep you the viewer's interested. trust me, since I do auction's for a living it is very rare, I mean 1 out of 200 units bought you might find something of value.

@ Storage Man

The sad part is, there are so many people who believe it's all true, then go out and lose a bunch of money at real storage auctions. There should be a disclaimer.


Ah Hester! The scum of the Earth. He's a greedy little I'm sure it's fake. All reality shows are staged. But I like watching this show. I'm glad Dave is fired. It isn't entertaining to watch a pompous POS act like he is a god. We should all be crying "YUUUUUP!" (wait, how many u's is that) and refuse to pay him.


Is there anyone out there who really believes these reality shows? Of course they are all fake!


So as the rating slip in a fake show, they generate some fake controversy over a fake law suit. This is me faking interest.


It's all fake....the majority of all of the 'reality shows' are fake. Watch episode after episode and you can see how everything is staged. So sick of reality TV.

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