Source: Justin Bieber is a Pot-Smoking Brat!

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He comes across like a kind-hearted role model. But might it all be an act?

Might Justin Bieber actually have a drug and attitude problem?

YES, according to a report in The New York Daily News, which cites an anonymous source as claiming Bieber "smokes weeds all day" and "orders everybody around."

"Justin doesn’t seem to care and does whatever he wants," the insider says of Bieber.

Justin Bieber for Z100

The articles refers to a pair of recent Justin Bieber scandals as evidence of his bratty behavior:

  1. His mocking of Manny Pacquiao after that boxer suffered a loss, which has resulted in complaints from politicans from the Philippines.
  2. The assertion by the California Hamster Association that Justin actually engaged in animal cruelty when he handed over his pet hamster as a present to a fan.

Yes, the second point seems rather absurd, but the source says it's symbolic of Bieber simply acting however he pleases.

“Justin is someone teens look up to and this kind of behavior can really hurt his career," says the newspaper. "Just look at what happened with Britney Spears."

The report adds that the stress of his relationship with Selena Gomez is also taking a toll on The Biebs.

None of this paints a pretty picture. What do you think fans? Is there anything at all to these assertions? Simply put: Is Justin Bieber a brat?


It happened a long time ago when selina dumps him & we Bealibers we must thank Selina becoz she is the one who makes him stop by taking him back & starting now i'm a Jelenator!


we r tired of hearing rumours about young artists, the media is d 1 pulling thz young peolple down. evn if its facts, who cares every1 has learned 4rm their mistakes. SO WHAT!


I think you all need to come off of it. Justin has an attitude problem. So many other young celebrities have Paps in their face and don't act like him. He isn't the only one under pressure and they don't act like that. To me this is a kid who just isn't disciplined enough. Non-celebrity kids have pressures too and not act like this.


His 18 & hhas so much to deal with paparazzi, shows, practice, coaches, manager, parents, fame, handling finances, love-life, etcetera... My 17 year old is a scholar with just a few pressures to deal with & he rebels so what about this kid. And yes with fame & fortune come attitude- for heaven's sake his an icon @ 18" - his put being a teen on hold to live upto our expectations. Give him a break"""


It's sad, but fame and fortune corrupt stronger people than him. Never wish extreme fame or fortune on your child...Be thankful that your child is NOT known worldwide. Look at all the grief Bieber has gone through already and he isn't even 21 yet.
Hope he is able to turn the shipwreck around....


Wow.... Justin's fans don't believe this crap! And aren't gonna leave him because of this!


This is Not News...He has ALWAYS been a SPOILED BRAT!

Charlotte 1
@ BabbyBeeb

No he hasn't. If you knew his story, he grew up with absolutely nothing. they couldn't even afford food.


Where is your proof? Who is this source? Instead of making up ridiculous stories, do something with your life. Damn.

@ M

correct, steal my lines.


Who doesn't smoke pot? Now a days it's assumed you do unless stated otherwise.

@ d

Never smoked it...never will. Reality is a much better "high" by far. Bieber needs to get some guidance if all the allegations are true. The world will eat him alive with their greed.


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