Sarah Palin Blasts Obama, "Irrelevancy" of Time Person of the Year

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Sarah Palin went on Fox News last night to blast President Barack Obama and specifically Time's choice of him as the magazine's 2012 Person of the Year.

No word if Palin voted for Kim Jong Un in the mag's reader poll.

Questioning President Obama's record in an election year beyond "driving us over a fiscal cliff," Palin said, "I think there is some irrelevancy there."

Palin was not alone in criticizing the pick, to be sure, or suggesting that Time is becoming increasingly more ridiculous. But who should've won instead?

The short list of runners-up for the Time POY distinction:

  • The late Malala Yousafzai, symbol of the struggle for global women’s rights
  • Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's new president
  • Renowned physicist Fabiola Gianotti
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

What do you think? Should Obama have won?

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Don't hate the player...hate a smart Black man! Ruler of the free world!!! No runtelldat!!! LOL~!


Supersonic Sarah Palin really rocks our socks. She is soooo sweet & sassy!


Sarah, oh well, too late, he got the title, spoken words can't be taken back, printed in black and white permanent. Go take care of your kids to make sure you don't hav another teenage daughter pregnant, stay in the wilderness in Akaska where you belong away from civilization. Get a life.


Sarah Palin needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP about this and concentrate more on her marital problems..........


Uh, Sarah, you are not relevant anymore. Go back to reading tabloids and going to soccer games. No one cares what you have to say.


Sarah - your time other than on FOX is over, sweetie.
Over and Out - enjoy Todd and shut up.


"LATE" Malala Yousafzai??? She is not dead you dumb morons!!! she has recovered well actually!


Why do we care what Sarah Palin has to say? I cannot think of a person that has been more irrelevant than Palin. Somebody needs to tell her that her 15 minutes of fame ran out 4 yrs ago when she did not become VP. Guess she is bored in Alaska.

@ Billbo

15 minutes? So has Obamas! It's the same ole talk about who/what/where needs to change! What does he not get/ we don't want his kind of change and "MIDDLE AMERICA" will not change for him!

@ Billbo



It's no surprize the republican can't win an election picking Sara Palin for vice president.

Brian pincus

She is just mad she didn't win MAN OF THE YEAR.

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