Santa's Grey Outfit Angers Guest in Sweden

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Santa's grey outfit did not sit too well in Sweden over the weekend. Some guest at a spa and conference center was apparently angered by such a sight.

Police had to intervene after a foreign visitor grew angry because the Santa Claus on the premises was wearing grey instead of his usual red costume.

Grey Santa

No one was arrested during the incident in Vallsta, three hours north of Stockholm, but police said the guest grew irate and argued with the staff over it.

They did not say where the guest was from. As for the photo above, don't even ask. It's just what comes up if you do a Google Image search on "grey Santa."


They do not report the nationality of the offended party. Why? Who ELSE could be so profoundly stupid and ignorant of the culture and traditions of others but an American? I'm thinking there's a good chance that it was a former President who now resides in Texas.

@ possumsqueezins

The US is held in such low esteem throughout the modern world I can't imagine there is any country/nationality that would pass up the chance to further denigrate it. Just as you have.