Rihanna Nude Photos: Barbados Balcony Style!

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A new set of Rihanna nude photos were taken in Barbardos this week - and without Rihanna taking them herself and blasting them out on Instagram for once.

We're talking Kate Middleton topless scandal here.


It's unclear if she was totally unaware she was being photographed (why change in front of an open balcony door), but these pics aren't Rihanna approved.

In them, she's pictured bending over to flash her rear end at the camera, then seen completely nude from the side, as she changed from one bikini to the next.

The NSFW Rihanna photos appear after the jump ...

Really, they're not anything that special, considering they're grainy and far away and she Tweets similar photos of herself almost every day. But here goes.

Nice bod though. Click to enlarge the shots for a close-up view:

Rihanna Nude Pic
Rihanna Nude on Balcony
Rihanna Naked Pic

We'd post more, but these are the best ones, and we'd link to more, but the site that posted them probably gave us like 20 viruses already, so you just don't need that.

In addition to these great pics, Rihanna's Barbados vacation was marked by a seven-figure hospital donation and a photo on the beach for a Barbados tourism ad.

Wonder if these are a viral tourism campaign ... think about it.


Decisive lack of class.

@ Mine

+1 mate.


She young, beautiful, rich, successful, and absolutely loves sex. . Therefore I'm sure she spends most of her life naked. People are way too uptight.

@ Serafina

seriously. not a big fan of hers personally but dont know what the big deal is.


americans get more prudish every day.


its a discrace how people like rihanna cant even get dressed now without people lurking taking pictures she may put photos like this up but thats up to her doesnt mean she wants some perv to put photos like this up and the thing that keeps her in the public eye is that shes a great artist period

@ nicola

It's also a DISGRACE how Rihanna would change her clothes with her balcony door open and in BROAD DAY LIGHT! She clearly intended to do it, and with that being said....


She knew!!! She called the paps and told what window too look in.. Like you said, she shows this everyday so what's really knew... Rihanna is a flop and the only thing that keeps her in the public eye is stunts like this and with and her obsession with Chirs Brown. It's time for her too go home to Barbados and stay...

@ sameolesameole

You're a moron. Rihanna is a major superstar and is one of the most successful artists of all time. Her latest album reached #1 in 41 countries and "Diamonds" became her 12th #1 single. Please get s dictionary and look up what a flop is because Rihanna is definitely the total opposite.

@ sameolesameole

is she is a flop, is that why are album is selling fast like hot cake?why she is getting on mag covers, designers, labels, perfumes,grammy nominations and awards?you are the flop coz ou dont know nothing!

@ truthbetold

She may not be a flop, but that doesn't mean she's good. America's taste is definitely questionable these days. I mean, how long was Rebecca Black's song on the iTunes top 100 again? And Grammy's don't mean a thing nowadays. I mean, most people who win them aren't nearly as talented as scores of others, they just got lucky enough to be in the spotlight more somehow.

@ truthbetold

Works of the devil

@ perryges@yahoo.com

I totally agree!

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