Rihanna Nude Photos: Barbados Balcony Style!

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A new set of Rihanna nude photos were taken in Barbardos this week - and without Rihanna taking them herself and blasting them out on Instagram for once.

We're talking Kate Middleton topless scandal here.


It's unclear if she was totally unaware she was being photographed (why change in front of an open balcony door), but these pics aren't Rihanna approved.

In them, she's pictured bending over to flash her rear end at the camera, then seen completely nude from the side, as she changed from one bikini to the next.

The NSFW Rihanna photos appear after the jump ...

Really, they're not anything that special, considering they're grainy and far away and she Tweets similar photos of herself almost every day. But here goes.

Nice bod though. Click to enlarge the shots for a close-up view:

Rihanna Nude Pic
Rihanna Nude on Balcony
Rihanna Naked Pic

We'd post more, but these are the best ones, and we'd link to more, but the site that posted them probably gave us like 20 viruses already, so you just don't need that.

In addition to these great pics, Rihanna's Barbados vacation was marked by a seven-figure hospital donation and a photo on the beach for a Barbados tourism ad.

Wonder if these are a viral tourism campaign ... think about it.


she can do whatever she wants


being a super star of whorywood, this is "normal" and "expected" behaviour

Crystal williams

i love her ppl please read, it was said she didnt know that nosy camara guy should of get cought, some of these ppl are commenting they would of done wost so do you self all a favour and keep your nose out of ppl buisness,


She looks better with clothes...


She's such an attention whore.
1. No one accidentally changes their clothes in front of a outside door that is wide open.
2. She's standing there looking back at the camera as she continues to change, even turning her body for a different view. She doesn't care that she was caught. She wanted to be caught. It keeps her relevant. Without her trashy behavior and Chris drama, she'd be pandering to the media for a bone.


Naked .....what again. I guess anything for attention these days


Did Rihanna know she was being photographed from a street level vantage point, I think so if u look at the first photo she looks directly into the camera's eye.
But so what, is this photographer got nothing better to do than park himself in front of her window, with a zoom lense hoping for a glimpse of her in the window. Its like their professional peep-toms for the media industry. I guess he gets paid to live out his cheap thrills as a photographer.
Wonder how much money he got for those photographs of Rihanna. Why dont they dispatch sketch artists for these types of assignments instead, ... because its pretty difficult to sketch while one is holding on to binoculars at the same time.


Riri what da hell where u thinkin but still loves u though.The rest of the haters shut up.

@ Love

ya knw wat honey im backin ya all of deeez haters just shut the fuck up otherwise yall will end up fallin down ur own balconey dnt be jelouse rir rocks she one sexy diva


she needs to open her long legs to see what kind of lips she has


She did it on purpose just like u said.. There is no way I would get naked with the door open whether I had paps taking pics of me or not.

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