Rihanna and Chris Brown: Fighting Over Karrueche Tran!

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly at odds again, and Karrueche Tran is to blame.

The Human Pantsless Instagram Photo Factory is angry with her man after he partied with his model ex after his Paris gig on Friday night, The Sun (UK) reports.

“She can’t get it into her head that Chris will never change," a source told the tabloid.

Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Photo

“She’s given him so many chances since he beat her up and he still keeps hurting her. Letting Karrueche meet him is yet another blow for Rihanna that will further disgust her fans."

"They are already raging that she is back with him.”

Karrueche Tran jetted off to Paris with her brand-partner stylist for The Kill, Ugo Mozie, on Friday. Mozie also styles Chris Brown, who dated Tran for over a year.

Tran reportedly plans to then follow the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer to the Dubai leg of his "Carpe Diem" tour, The Sun reports, and Rihanna is fed up.

She was going to stay with Chris in Paris, but reportedly headed straight to Manchester (UK) to perform on the X Factor final’s results show, the source added.

Rihanna allegedly sent out a series of angry tweets:

  • "Examine what you tolerate."
  • "Goodbye muthaf**ker."
  • "You give, you get, then you give it the f**k back."

These tweets appear to have been deleted, however, and all may have been forgiven, as Rihanna later tweeted about missing her man. So ... that's that?

Reports of Rihanna-Chris discord come after she got a Breezy tattoo in his honor, and after posing photos of him in bed, and embracing her, and so on.

"She got it to symbolize her commitment to him. Now the whole world knows they’re back together, they’re determined to make it work," a source said.

Until he feels like nailing his ex, apparently.

The real question: Who'd you rather ...

And the Winner is?

Karrueche Tran or Rihanna: Who'd you rather ... date? Vote in this poll to decide which Chris Brown squeeze is the hotter ticket! View Poll »


Some one needs to get real here.. Chris Brown can have a life without nasty Rih she is no angel and does everything she wants..she just pissed he doesn't fall at her feet..we all know she can get pretty nast too


Tran is prettier than Rihanna. I can't believe it but thats the truth. But Tran should find a better man than that nut Chris who i believe is a man whore. that asshole!!!!!!

@ ken

Tran is prettier than Riri lol but I think Riri and Chris make a better couple maybe just because I don't know anything about Tran hmmm

@ ken

no man rihanna she guets payd millions in top magazine because she is beautiful very beautiful
she need good man nice person chris is not man is not nice person lie lie for people

@ afy

chris is not person long long time no hart


Rihanna is a hoe, she was doing the same thing to Karreuche when she was still with Chris, so I don't feel bad for that dumb girl. They both need to dust him off, or he needs to get back with the classy one (not Rihanna and her hoe self) just saying.


chris isnt with either girl. rihanna is delusional and hopelessly in love with chris. he isnt ready to settle down and rihanna needs to understand that if she wants chris in her life in the long run.
Karrueche, as it seems as moved on with better things. she is using her head and using chris for his fame. Yes, she may still be in love with him, but she knows its best to let him go and just be friends.
Oh and if rihanna didnt think karrueche was a threat...she better think twice. If rihanna keeps up with this crazy behavior...chris will go to karrueche for good. I wish twitter was around when rihanna and chris were dating in 2009. everyone would have most likely seen the rihanna that we see today.

@ shay

Thank You for clearing this up I thought I was the only person here who thought that damn woman is delusional obviously he is a single man. Ladies just because he gives you the D doesn't mean you own the D!

@ shay

You are right. I really think that Chris Brown is using both women for his pleasure. Like any "player", he is doing what he is doing because he knows that Rihanna and Tran would still want him.


Rihanna needs to realise she is better than this.


Just face it, Karrueche Tran is the love of Chris's life.
To the haters telling Tran to leave already-- It seems to me that you guys think celebrities can only date celebrities to be consider "true love." Quit being naive!

@ kim

Samething I thought I am sorry but Riri I love you I am your fan and right now you are being a sideline ho! Please stop embarrassing your self yes he is fine as hell but damn you meet to many fine men everyday who would die to be with you! Go get yourself a man who loves you more than he loves himself!


Riri & C.Breezy


Tran needs to step off already. I know chris is wrong but why does she keep hanging on. cant stand the witch

@ Chanel

Chris said he loves both Rihanna and Tran. Both girls love him. It is a love triangle that is going to get worse. Quit fuckin hatin because you and everyone else don't even know what is going on..Chris could've invited Tran to Paris. They could be still be chatting it up all the time. Everyone thinks that he should be back with Rihanna because that is true love.Being with someone that can beat you as bad as he did,biting her fingers,punching her in the face,etc..that is not love..What is going to happen the next time she pisses him off..Will everyone feel sorry for Rihanna if she gets beat up again?!

@ Nita B

Riri is still yang and she is a lovely girl, she has money and glory, only what she need is some one to love and to be loved. KE is that kind of girl who needs some one who is able to take care of them.'profiteuse.

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