Piers Morgan Gun Control Rant: How Many More Kids Have to Die?!

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The gun control debate is on, and it is more heated than ever.

In the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting, CNN's Piers Morgan absolutely went OFF on guns and gun rights advocates on his program Friday.

Wherever you stand on the issue, this is a must-watch:

The conversation got heated when Morgan asked “why on Earth” anyone would advocate for more guns, given the unspeakable carnage at Sandy Hook.

“If we could suddenly make all guns disappear, I'd have a different position,” replied Steve Dulan of the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners.

Dulan explained that because firearms last “several human lifetimes with minimal maintenance,” then the only way to stop shooters is with other guns.

“This is exactly the argument I've been hearing ever since I joined CNN," replied Morgan, noting that he joined CNN a week before Gabby Giffords was shot.

He's not buying it, to say the least. "The argument I keep hearing is, 'Well, if everybody else was armed, it wouldn't happen.' It's a load of total hogwash!"

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), who represents parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, was also on the show and backed up Morgan’s claims with some statistics.

“The proof of the pudding is that in every other industrialized country in the world, other than the United States, they have reasonable gun control laws," he said.

“They have 100 people a year, not 9,000 or 10,000 a year, killed by guns."

Morgan argued that Americans should look to Scotland, where handguns were banned after a 1996 massacre in Dunblane in which 16 schoolchildren were killed.

Piers said countless firearms were taken off the street instantly, while gun-rights advocate John Lott responded that Scotland's murder rate subsequently went up.

That sent Morgan through the roof.

“There are nearly 12,000 murders a year from guns in this country," he said. "When are you guys going to focus on that and stop telling me the answer is more guns. It is not the answer!"

"How many more kids have to die before you guys say, 'We want less guns, not more.”

Lott fired back, saying “The gun-control laws that you're pushing have killed people.”

The host dismissed Lott's claim as “a load of nonsense,” and then he REALLY let loose.

"I'm so frustrated, so furious, that these kids have been blown away again with legally acquired weapons."

Of Adam Lanza, he said, "Some boy who's got problems takes his mother's three weapons, including a ridiculous assault rifle! And goes in a school and kills these kids,

"And you guys, the gun lobby still want to tell me the answer is more guns! It is madness!"

Is it? You tell us: Time for serious gun control legislation?


Wow...So your saying that the Sandy Hook shooter ISN'T a criminal? Really?? Interesting...And here I thought 'Mass Murder' was a criminal act...And to the poster who said; "This was NOT a premeditated act..." YES, IT WAS!! The deranged nut-case was on a chat-room TELLING People that he was about to do something and that it was going to make the news,AND he did it 4 DAYS before he committed the act! In case you can't understand yet---THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF A 'PREMEDITATED ACT'! PLEASE,get your facts straight before you enter into a fray where you don't know what you're talking about! Like the one posting before me here,about: "Maybe if we armed the 6-year olds..." be for real 'Grandpa'--who in the hell said anything that ridiculous? We're talking about arming some of the staff--You know--ADULTS who have these children in their care! Keep-up or stay on the porch...I feel like I am talking to 6-year-olds who can't see anything but: "GUNS! OH MY GOD! THE GUNS ARE KILLING! TAKE THEM AWAY AND THE WORLD WILL BE BETTER,blah,blah,blah...!" Spoken by people who have never had to actually live in the real world...The 'dream-world' that all of the gun haters live-in is a nice one I guess,but that sure as hell isn't a factual one...When you 'La-La' people ever get into a situation that isn't your pristine every day one---you'll change your tune...I've seen it happen...Until then,you'll just be blinded by your 'rose-colored-glasses-hypnosis'...Those of us who have 'been there' know better and will forever defend the rights given to us by our forefathers...It's fine if you want to never own or have a firearm,That is YOUR RIGHT---but Stop trying to impede on everyone elses right to have them...
To those saying; "Yeah,I know killers can use knives or whatever,but they can only stab one person at a time..." Have you ever heard of Explosives? Would you have felt better if the dingleberry at Sandy Hook had mixed up a vicious bomb(and it can be done with a few items you can buy at your local hometown stores,that no one would ever think to ban)and he leveled the school? Would you still be hollering 'Gun Control!' then?? Those of you who think getting rid of the guns is the answer are making me feel ill. You act like guns are the ONLY thing that can kill. The truth is,there are any number of ways to kill and several that don't require a firearm of ANY kind. For those determined who are deranged---they'll find a way! Are you aware that there is an acid in simple every day tomato plants that can cause heart failure? Somebody determined enough and warped enough(and I pray there are none out there who are viewing this and do this,because I am just trying to prove a point)could get enough to go to any place where a lot of people eat, spray this in any number of things, and wipe-out numerous amounts of people! What will you rights bashers say to something like that? Ban all tomato plants?? You just don't get-it! The deranged are out there and they will find a way. Guns are but one of many options...So stop trying to take them away from the every day Joe who likes to have them and ISN'T hurting ANYONE! A famous forefather once said; "When we give-up Freedom to obtain Security---We Gain NEITHER." If you don't know who said that,or what it means,you should sit back and be quiet until you do...When you start tampering with and/or abolishing the 2nd amendment---where does it stop?? Answer; It Doesn't...That being said: The Newtown Massacre is without a doubt a horrible,horrible,tragedy...My condolences to all families who lost loved ones and friends...There is nothing that can replace this loss...God be with you all...Hollywood.

@ 2wild42long

God bless you piers. it is about time the gd guns get under control. take the damn things off the street. filthy bastard who killed all those dear children and adults. we have to be the worst country in the world regarding gun control. what a shame. God bless all the children, the teachers and their families. our hearts go out to all of you.


Total mass shooting incidents in Australia up to 1997 (the Port Arthur Massacre): 13 Total since 1997, after the introduction of strong gun control laws: 0


Maybe if we armed the 6 year old kids, they could have defended themselves? See how ridiculous that looks?


MY ARGUMENT TO THOSE OPPOSED TO BANNING GUNS (because they feel criminals will always have access to guns whereby the general public will not) is:
CRIMINALS are not the shooters in these public mass killings. DISTURBED YOUNG MEN are!
Where are these young men getting their killing weapons?
Yet while their parents are not criminals, they have access to guns! Guns that parents fail to LOCK UP from their kids, guns that they will probably NEVER NEED for self defense (and should not be using for hunting to kill defenseless animals! But that's another debate) and guns that often end up KILLING OR MAIMING family or friends in gun ACCIDENTS! Famous last words "I didn't know the gun was loaded!"
I realize killers can still carry off their mission w/ knives, etc. but you can only stab one person at a time. It's much harder to get away from a barrage of bullets flying though the air!!!
Live by the sword, die by the sword!
Offer CASH INCENTIVES for people to "turn in their guns now." (which is already being done in some places.)
PULL ALL GUNS being sold. Make it a law punishable by jail and/or fines for anyone caught in possession of a gun
(other than law enforcement who are licensed to carry.
I for one, have a very skeptical view on law enforcement, so I might add also implement laws that they have to "shoot to incapacitate" not "shoot to kill" or they too, could be charged with a crime.)
Step up security in residential and commercial construction with web cams, security guards, metal detectors, restricted entry access w/ non-duplicating keys, ID passes, etc. We have so much sophisticated equipment that we are not taking full advantage of!
Last but not least, attach a small canister of pepper spray and/or or a stun gun to everyone's cell phone for added protection. Including the kids!


Punk Piers should follow his own slime trail back to Britain, where gun laws are strict. We don't need his sissy kind in the USA.

@ Tawny Jones

Tawny...what the hell is wrong with you?
You strike me as mentally ill yourself. Seek help before its too late OK darlin'. For your sake...and everybody else's! Seriously get HELP!




For all you gun control advocates - F*** YOU! The powers that be, who are plotting to take away a lot more than your gun rights, can make them illegal all they like. It is the criminals out there that should not be in possession of a gun in the first place that commit most of the gun related crimes. Don't you people get it? They can ban guns all they want, but felons and rapists and robbers and terrorists don't give a crap about the law. The only people who will be adversely affected by gun control are the law abiding citizens that will disarm themselves! Therefore making themselves all the more vulnerable to the criminals that will continue to keep and carry weapons regardless of what laws get passed. People who advocate for gun control are f***ing morons. Period. You are probably also the same idiots that voted that treasonous piece of shit into office for four more years. He's going to screw us all. Just wait and see how bad things get between now and 2016 and remember, if you voted for it, you deserve it.


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How about you keep guns in the house where there's also a mentally ill 20-yr-old boy? Did the mother have a death wish??


lol u guys are hilarious. just admit that u lot like guns and shooting and ur willing to have some occassional sacrifices just to keep that right. thats okay, ur country - ur choice

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