Pam Anderson Debt: HUGE!

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Pamela Anderson's debts are almost bigger than her ... nevermind.

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    I dont care how big her debt is but if she gives me some of that snatch ill take care of it for her !!!!!!


    Lovin the hater comments. Whatever gets you to sleep at night.
    If I knew that I could go out with nearly any single wealthy guy i wanted and have him pay it off fairly quickly, maybe immediately, I'd not worry about debt.
    People bash her, but why is that worse than pimpin' hamburgers for MdD's your whole life and never getting out a a five figure debt. It sucks, but capitalism makes whores of us all. She's just the Queen B.

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    @ Jay Compton

    I'd bet the liens are not due to an inability to pay, but sheer laziness or neglect. Even at 45, PA has dude's who would be willing to drop millions just for the chance to bust up in that.


    She's only 45? Jesus...


    Wow-what a hag who doesn't pay her bills. Pam Anderson has been with at least 45 guys, what a slutty women, no education but spreads her legs, she's gross, send her back to CANADA! Gross woman.


    please u can help me to cme u s +233541372080


    This old hag needs to stop dressing like this! Dress your age Pam. You were never beautiful. Cute but never beautiful. You don't look good. Wear some clothes please. No one wants to see all the wrinkles!

    @ honestangela

    she looks like a old sea hag, time has been very hard on pam a poo.maybe she can go to vegas and get a job as a old sea hag in action.what happen to her?46 and looks 56 o boy what a hag!


    Gotta pay your taxes just like the common people.


    Pammie move back to Canada or go to Scandinavia or somewhere hun.. they are gonna squeeze you dry...Jeez!


    Pam use to be so beautiful. The hard partying lifestyle really took a toll on her. SHe looks 10 years older than she actually is.


    ...debt's as big as her boobs!

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