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In On the Road, movie goers see Kristen Stewart nude.

But the actress says in a new interview that the sex scene featured in the film wasn't a big deal to shoot. How come? Well...

"I wasn't really having sex," Stewart tells IndieWire. "I think if you were to isolate the scenes, it's fairly ridiculous watching yourself [having] fake sex. But within the movie, watching the movie, I do get so caught up in this one. I've seen it three times, and that’s not typical for me."

Kristen Stewart with a Smile

So, which segment was most difficult to Kristen to film?

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At least one person was killed and three others injured in a shooting broke out during party in Munch Bar in Bellevue, Washington, police said.

Bellevue Shooting

Witnesses said the Munch Bar was hosting a Seattle Seahawks after party when the shooting occurred following the team's rout of the 49ers last night.

Reports say one male victim was lying on the floor with blood everywhere.

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Miranda Kerr is showing off her holiday spirit as only she (and possibly a select few others over at Victoria's Secret HQ) can really get away with.

The Aussie beauty gave fans an early Christmas present by posting a racy photo of herself puckering up and clad in Santa-inspired lingerie on Instagram.

“Santa’s little helper,” she wrote in a caption.

Miranda Kerr Sexy Santa

The bombshell, 29, posted the two sultry Santa snapshot just days after she shot down reports that her marriage to Orlando Bloom, 35, is on the rocks.

Kerr maintains that they're closer than ever. We hope it's true. Either way, you don't want to miss these Miranda Kerr bikini photos we posted earlier!

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He comes across like a kind-hearted role model. But might it all be an act?

Might Justin Bieber actually have a drug and attitude problem?

YES, according to a report in The New York Daily News, which cites an anonymous source as claiming Bieber "smokes weeds all day" and "orders everybody around."

"Justin doesn’t seem to care and does whatever he wants," the insider says of Bieber.

Justin Bieber for Z100

The articles refers to a pair of recent Justin Bieber scandals as evidence of his bratty behavior:

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“I am a victim,” Ryan Lanza, the 24-year-old brother of Newtown killer Adam Lanza, supposedly told the New York Post yesterday in a Facebook chat.

“I loss [sic] my mom and brother.”

However, a spokesman for the family blames an imposter for hacking Ryan's Facebook page and says Ryan did not post the messages in this story.

Ryan Lanza Photo

In a Facebook photo tribute, Ryan Lanza appeared to have shared a smiling image of his younger brother, Adam Lanza, smiling. “R.I.P.,” he wrote.

"I will miss you bro. I will always love you as long as I live."

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Glee creator Ryan Murphy would like to wish you a very happy holiday season.

A very happy shirtless holiday season, that is!

In a photo recently Tweeted by the show's creator, star Darren Criss poses half-naked, surrounded by candy canes and donning a pair of Santa pants.

Darren Criss Shirtless

"Men of McKinley calendar coming soon," Murphy teased along with the image, although it's unclear if this item will actually be available any time soon.

Still, you can print out the above photo and stuff it in as many stockings as you'd like. All at no charge!

Glee Season 4, meanwhile, resumes with new episodes on Thursday, January 10.

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The single most popular Tweet of 2012 was short and sweet:

"Four more years."

Barack and Michelle Obama Photo

Before he took the stage to affirm his 2012 presidential election victory, Barack Obama marked his win via Twitter with the three words, and photo, seen above.

Within hours, President Obama's Tweet simultaneously became the most re-tweeted of the year, and of all time, resent by more than 810,000 people.

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For the record, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are NOT an item.

But the former is celebrating a milestone today, as Tomlinson will be free to down as much egg nog and champagne as he wants on Christmas: the One Direction singer is now 21 years old!

Louis Tomlinson Pic

Tomlinson is the oldest member of the wildly popular British boy band, besting Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan by two years.

Look for these young artists to present fans with a special gift early in the new year: the official music video for "Kiss You," the third single from their latest album, which was penned by Ed Sheeran.

Among other celebrities celebrating a birthday on December 24: Ryan Seacrest is 38, Stephenie Meyer turns 39 and Ricky Martin can dance the night away as a 41-year old.

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Lance Armstrong is being sued by London's Sunday Times for more than $1.6 million after the cyclist’s successful libel action against the British paper.

Lance was paid around $540,000 in 2006 to settle a case after the Times reprinted claims from a 2004 book alleging he took performance-enhancing drugs.

Lance Armstrong Riding

Armstrong sued the Times for libel, but the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency concluded this year that Armstrong did lead a massive doping program on his teams.

He was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life.

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Move over for a moment, Mariah Carey.

Demi Lovato is here to tell us what she wants for Christmas.

The X Factor judge performed over the weekend at the annual Christmas in Washington special, taking on a track made famous by her contemporary on American Idol.

Whose version do you like best? Listen to Mariah's classic first and then click Play on Lovato's cover below:

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