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YOLO. It's not just an overused phrase by wannabe cool kids anymore.

Drake, who is often credited with popularizing the shortened, acronym version of "You only live once," hinted Tuesday that he wants a cut of these profits.

Specifically, the Canadian rapper called out Macy's and Walgreens.

Drake in Concert

The 26-year-old rapper posted an Instagram shot of several "YOLO" hats for sale, writing, "Walgreens... you gotta either chill or cut the cheque."

Somehow, we doubt the cheque is in the mail.

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Move over, Tom Cruise. Take a seat, Brad Pitt. Not so fast, Julia Roberts.

Forbes has come out with its list of "Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck," a rundown of the stars who earn the most money for studios - and none of the usual A-listers are included.

  • Black Swan Poster
  • Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Poster

Instead, Natalie Portman sits in first place, as the Black Swan actress earns $42.70 for every dollar she's paid.

A close second? Kristen Stewart, who owes almost all of her success (which translates to $40.60 for every dollar she's paid) to The Twilight Saga.

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THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

If you haven't figured it out by now, we've been paying tribute to the hottest of the hot with bikini photos galore, and the competition is flat out sweltering.

Keeping the heat rising at #13 here today: Britney Spears!

Britney Spears, White Bikini

Most recently, Katy Perry bikini pictures made THG's hot list.

Now, it's the pop star whose career has spanned 13+ years.

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Django Unchained may be receiving attention for its excessive use of the N-Word, and the body count in this Quentin Tarantino thriller may be as high as anything the director has ever helmed, but neither of those issues gets to the heart of the film:

Two men, one friendship and the way Christoph Waltz was pretty much born to recite words written by Tarantino.

Django Unchained Scene

Waltz portrays Dr. King Shulz, essentially the same character that earned him an Oscar in Inglourious Basterds. He's a loquacious, laid back killer who smiles through the most tense situations.

Tarantino penned the part for Waltz, and the best parts of the 166-minute movie feature Shulz simply talking: to residents of a town after he kills their sheriff; to Foxx's slave-turned-bounty-hunter, Django; to Leonardo DiCaprio's evil plantation owner.

Waltz brings Tarantino terrific dialogue to entertaining life.

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Rider Strong of Boy Meets World fame has become a man. So to speak.

He's engaged to longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto, E! News reports!

Strong proposed, his rep said, "with a handmade ring he created himself."

Rider Strong and Alexandra Barreto

The actor (and jeweler, somehow) first met Barreto on the 2006 series Pepper Dennis, then also worked together on a campaign video for President Obama.

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Dallas Cowboys star Josh Brent has been indicted on one count of intoxication manslaughter for his role in the car accident that killed his teammate Jerry Brown.

Brent, J

Police in Irving, Texas, say Josh Brent was speeding when his vehicle struck a curb and flipped, killing Jerry Brown, who was a passenger in the car.

Brent's blood-alcohol limit was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit.

Intoxication manslaughter carries a maximum term of 20 years in prison. Brent could be eligible for probation; He is out of jail currently on $100,000 bond.

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In what has become the largest petition in White House history, 259,000 people have joined the online effort to label the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.

The petition was created on the White House website after WBC members announced plans to picket a vigil for children killed in the Newtown, Conn., shooting.

Backlash came fast and furious.

Westboro Follower

Anonymous hacked Westboro Baptist Church and has been trolling spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper hard. Now the petition seeks to have it designated what it is.

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Count Matt Lauer among those who cannot wait to see the calendar flip to 2013.

Over the past few months, Lauer has been blamed for both the ousting of Ann Curry and The Today Show's floundering ratings.

Sources even say we may see Matt Lauer fired soon if more viewers don't tune in to NBC on weekday mornings.

Lauer, Matt

With this pressure hanging over him, network insiders tell TMZ Lauer is "miserable" and is facing constant taunting on the streets, as Today fans refer to him as a "bad guy" and throw Curry's poorly handled departure in his face.

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NBC's Meet the Press and host David Gregory are being investigated by officials after his display of a high capacity gun magazine on television Sunday.

Some reports say Gregory was cleared by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to show the weapon on television (below).

Others aren't so sure.

David Gregory, Meet the Press

Ironically, Gregory's display took place during an interview with the NRA President on Meet the Press, in which gun laws and gun safety were debated.

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