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Why did zayn start this?? it's just stupid, i love One Direction, i cant stop clicking the replay button on ''kiss you''.
Dont worry be happy :-) and keep smiling!


No wonder One Direction is refer to the 'boy band', only 'boys' would go and look for trouble and start something they can't finish. That was un-called for.

@ Sharon


i havent heard of a MAN BAND, have you? xD


honestly i love both of the bands but if it wasnt for zayn they would not fight like that....if you are called a geek like he did to max, what would you feel? so im neither of the wanted nor one direction's side


honestly one direction started this shit so hell yeah i'm with the wanted. The only reason people r with one direction is cuz they think they're cute AND YOUNG brittish boys. But so what ?? You don't just start shit like that with someone older than you. Like seriously have some respect and calm the fuck down.


i love the one direction and i cant believe the wanted had a fight with the one direction that just mess up the wanted is just jealous of the one direction the one direction is cuter than the wanted the wanted is so ugly to be honest im in the one direction side so stop being jealous of them the wanted ur jealous cause they have more fans then the wanted do .........

@ Cindy Garcia Reyes

amen sister! xD


i love one direction there totally better than the wanted


So im guessing zayn is the one that started shit. Wow, what a fking douchbag and too bad because hes my favorite 1D.

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