Olivia Culpo Wins Miss Universe 2012!

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Olivia Culpo has been crowned Miss Universe 2012!

The reigning Miss USA won the world title Wednesday in Las Vegas, fending off challenges from 88 other gorgeous women from around the world.

"I'm dreaming, it's a dream," she said.

Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe

She is the first Miss USA to win Miss Universe since 1997.

Olivia Culpo succeeded 2011's winner, Leila Lopes of Angola, after strutting in a purple and blue bikini and a red velvet gown with a plunging neckline.

As always, it was up in the air until the end.

During the final question, Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete, asked Olivia, "What is something that you have done, that you will never do again?"

How does one respond to that land mine?

"First I'd like to start off by saying that every experience, no matter what it is, good or bad, you'll learn from it. That's just life," she said, deftly.

"But something I've done that I've probably regretted would be picking on my siblings growing up because you appreciate them so much more when you're older."

"Everybody fights with their siblings, right?! But I don't regret it."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Those once picked-on siblings - and rumored boyfriend Ryan Lochte - are no doubt proud of Olivia right now.

"One thing I feel people don't know about me is that I'm really easy-going," she said.

"Any joke, I'll get it. I mean, I think a lot of the times they think of beauty queens as almost being plastic, but I can take jokes and I can take anything."

"I'm just a normal person."

Hardly. Congrats!

Olivia Culpo Picture
Olivia Culpo, Miss USA
Olivia Culpo Photo
Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2012

Hi: Miss universe organization got it wrong this time.
I am from Africa, i feel that the judges did not represent other continents. 80% of the judges were from America, how is that called Miss Universe. This really has had an influence on the final decision. I am shocked that Miss USA even made it to top10, then top5 and finally wins. Sorry this is a shame, her body looks horrible, her dress really that was completely out, her answer was total rediculous and she contradicted at the end that is the end of her. How did she win, she doesnt come close to Miss Phillipines or Australia. I felt Miss SA was robbed, she clearly deserved to be in the top5, than USA. Sorry this is Miss U to forget quickly and focus on the next one. Those are my opinion and i have followed Miss U for more than 15years, that was a biased decision , sorry


First, I am happy that our girl won the crown !
Now let summarize all these 5 finalists :
Miss Brazil : Very Nice gown, nice face, nice body but a bit short on final answer.
Miss Venezuela : Nice gown, nice face, nice body and ok on final answer.
Miss Australia : Very very nice gown, very nice face, very nice answer on final question.
Miss Philippines : Nice gown ( BUT as you can see, her granny style panty was seen under her pleated and no under lining gown, the fabric under the harsh spot lights became transparence and her eye make up is so dark, I can assure you that without her make up, she'll look mighty different and her smile is just ok, over confidence translates cockiness )
Now Miss USA : Very, very nice gown and it's very suitable with her 5'7" body , the color is beautiful and compliments her being a brunette and beautiful make up, beautiful eyebrow and magnificent smile , hair is so suitable with her petite face, and when she smiles, she looks natural, pleasant and inviting.
As far as the judges were chosen, they did a very good job, regardless what their backgrounds are. If they are not then they wouldn't be chosen. Our girl has won the crown, go USA ! I am very happy and if you are not happy that we won then you have the right to be unhappy BUT I have the right to be happy and so are the rest of us in the country.

@ Nickigoddess

I don't want to say bad for Ms. USA because all of the contestants were sent and worth to win the crown. Ms. USA possessed such gentle feminine character and I admire how she smile so true. Undeniably, the pageant organizer lacks reputation due to numerous scandal they involved with throughout the years, particularly the head of the organization.. I can never forget how the very beautiful Oxana Fedorova herself chose to be dethroned due mysterious reason until now I don't know why. So I can't blame why people reacts so bad because it is obvious that the decision is unfair and cannot be respected.


please delete the above comment of mine. Thank you.

Carla luz caringal
@ Nickigoddess

Wow. really? It's funny, i mean, how your "summary" for Ms. Philippines was rather greatly elaborated than that of the other top 5 finalists, but missing out how well she answered her final question. Well, what can I say, clearly, if you went on comparing their answers (USA vs. Philippines), where would she (USA) stand?. I mean, it's fine that your girl won. Reading judgments based on what, how you wear a gown? It should've been a night gown competition alone then. Just sayin. Anyways, you're right, she won, end of story.


Aww! Her personality sounds just as beautiful as her gorgeous eyes! I’m so glad that she took the crown, and I can’t believe it’s been that long since America won the pageant. That little tidbit makes this win all the more exciting, and I’m happy I was able to see it. Between all the holiday shopping and a hectic week around my office at DISH, I completely forgot that it was even on last night until it was almost over! I’m just lucky that my DISH Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-records everything on the major networks during primetime hours, so I could watch it from the beginning. After all, Miss Universe only happens one time a year!


I am a Filipino. Of course, I go for our very own Ms. Philippines. But it could have been Venezuela or Australia rather than Ms. USA! Define total package of beauty, intelligence, poise and appeal...does USA have that?


I am a Filipino. We congratulate Ms USA as our new Ms U. We are proud that from the last 3 Ms U contests our women from the Philippines landed in the top 5. With other past contests since Ms U started, our women almost made it as Miss U in several instances. Of course, we had two Filipino Miss Universe winners already. And we also, had the first ever Miss Universe winner from Sweden married to a Filipino. So we are happy with these. The Philippines being a commonwealth colony of the USA for 50 years can also call for a celebration with Miss USA winning the crown. Afterall, there will be more contests and who knows we will have another Ms U from the Philippines again.


Just like the pacquiao vs bradley fight.


Oh please ! Don't be a sore loser !
It's time to bring back the crown to our country, go USA ! Olivia won ! She's beautiful and natural
Her gown is elegant ! She won and end of story !!

@ Nickigoddess

I'm American so how does that make me a sore loser? I'm just calling it like it is. The ONLY reason Miss USA was because of all the lame American judges who wouldn't know how to judge a contest fairly if their lives depended on it. Having reality "stars" like Scott Disick judge this makes this whole thing an absolute joke!


Miss Philippines was ROBBED! Miss USA's evening gown was hideous and so was her final interview answer.

@ Sammie

I am an American, and I'm sorry but I felt as though this was fixed. Miss USA to me did NOT deserve to win this crown. I thought Miss Philipines was the best choice. Shame on all the judges. She was a pretty girl, but her gown was totally hideous compared to the others gowns, & her answer about her siblings was ridiculous...ewww BAD CHOICE

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