Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift: Is a Feud Brewing?

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Did Miley Cyrus just call Taylor Swift a slut?

Earlier this week, E! News correspondent Ken Baker posted the following message, matching up Miley with Taylor and asking fans to consider the reputation of each superstar:

Miley vs. Taylor

It is true that some of the Miley Cyrus fashion choices have led to a certain label, and it hasn't really helped that she recently took to the stage with strippers.

Swift, meanwhile, receives a few jabs for her very long dating resume, but is mostly considered America's Singing Sweetheart.

How does Miley feel about the comparison?

"@kenbakernow haha," she responded. "this made laugh. thanks for making me smile I needed it love u."

Of course Cyrus would appreciate a follower standing up for her, but didn't she sort of throw Swift under the promiscuous bus in the process?

What do you think THGers? Does Miley receive unfair criticism, while Swift should be taken more to task for her never-ending line of boyfriends?

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Umm Those 13 guys Taylor's dated well most of them were just dates. She's only been in 6 relationships. I no Miley's been with Liam for 3 years but lets be real for a sec she really wants nick jonas cause every time a guy breaks up with her she goes back to her frist love which was nick jonas


I think Miley is judged to fast and to easily, she just looks like she enjoys her life and she will live it as she sees fit. And she got lucky to find the love f her life at an early age. I don't think Taylor has dated 13 guys in three years. Just like @dude wrote the tabs make every guy she is around her boyfriend. Miley didn't take a about at Taylor also she just said the person made her laugh and her day. Blame the media and tabs for these young lady's reputation.,


She has had 6 relationships in 6 years, she has gone on a few dates. Cory Montieth they went bowling once. Chord Overstreet 1 hockey game. Tim Tebow dinner once with there agents. All Taylor has to do is be within 3 feet of a guy and the tabs come up with some wild story.She dates as much as any normal 23yo. Every article comes up with wild numbers but can usually only name 6 or so.


HALARIOUS!!!!!!! And true. Taylor swift is annoying me. Now, if Miley would gain a little bit more pdo maturity and class I would fully accept this assessment.


Taylor only dated 6 guys at from the age of 16 to the age of 22. Just saying.