Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift: Is a Feud Brewing?

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Did Miley Cyrus just call Taylor Swift a slut?

Earlier this week, E! News correspondent Ken Baker posted the following message, matching up Miley with Taylor and asking fans to consider the reputation of each superstar:

Miley vs. Taylor

It is true that some of the Miley Cyrus fashion choices have led to a certain label, and it hasn't really helped that she recently took to the stage with strippers.

Swift, meanwhile, receives a few jabs for her very long dating resume, but is mostly considered America's Singing Sweetheart.

How does Miley feel about the comparison?

"@kenbakernow haha," she responded. "this made laugh. thanks for making me smile I needed it love u."

Of course Cyrus would appreciate a follower standing up for her, but didn't she sort of throw Swift under the promiscuous bus in the process?

What do you think THGers? Does Miley receive unfair criticism, while Swift should be taken more to task for her never-ending line of boyfriends?


The thing is that miley is the one who goes around dressing as a slut does dumb shit like smoking from a bong, dances with strippers and dresses like one, opens her mouth too much. while taylor swift just dates guys, that is it! she is not an attention whore like miley yea sure she dates around but who doesnt? its not like she dates them at the same time. Also thats the point of being young and single being able to look for the right person!!

@ anonymous

Taylor doesn't just date guys you dumbass because if that was the case I'm pretty sure no one would care but she dates them for a while and breaks up with them then goes into her studio and writes a song about her brief relationship and shows the guys in a negative light. Not only is she a real attention whore but her career is PATHETIC her songs are either about her exes, love gone bad, or just love. I doubt she would even be this popular if it weren't for stupid Kanye. Miley is young like you said about taylor and she deserves to dress any way she pleases just like Taylor can date any guy and as many as she wants to but at least Miley tries to keep things private that bong video was leaked and strippers were part of her show. Taylor just goes from guy to guy and sings about the relationship they had.


isnt is okay to date more thann one guy while your young.. I mean she can if she wants. she still a good girl.

@ johan na

i totally agree its okay for that to happen !


What about Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. I'ver heard a few things about them as well.


list of Taylor's Boyfriends (not in order) 1.) Joe Jonas
2.)Taylor Lautner
3.) Conor Kennedy
4.)Zac Efron
5.)Toby Hemmingway
6.)John Mayer
7.)Lucas Till
8.)Cory Monteith
9. Chord Overstreet
10.)Jake Gyllenhaal
11.)Riley Howell
12.) Kyle Mckinley
13.) Harry Styles
And many more before she was famous.
Souces: My own damn eys and ears!
not gossip rags!
She falls in love faster than I run out of toilet paper.

@ Jim

The gossip rags are who put the information out. You didn't find out from a little birdie. And just because someone dates a lot does not mean they are sleeping around.

@ Kellie

wrong she didnt go out with cory. cory was just a high school crush, never went out with zac or ed sheeran , no toby this is sh went with 1. joe jonas 2 taylor 3 conor 4 john mayer 5 harry styles 6 jake


THAT INFORMATION IS NOT CORRECT. Taylor Swift has been with 6 guys in 7 years, Harry Styles being the 6th boy. Get your facts straight dumbasses.

@ Anonymous

1. joe jonas
2. cory monteith
3. taylor lautner
4. jake gyllenhaal
5. harry styles
6. connor kennedy
7. john mayer
8. lucas hills
9. toby hemmingway
10. zach efron
11. garret hedlun
12. eddy redmane
13. patrick schwarzenegger CHECK YOUR OWN SHIT BEFORE YOU CLICK SEND.

@ anonymous



I have mad respect for Miley. She is not perfect, she knows she's not perfect, and she doesn't give a rats bottom about what you or the paparazzi think. And I actually do like a song by Taylor but lets be honest here... The girl gets around. She jumps into relationships just as quickly as she did the others and they all end the same way, Taylor as the dumpee. Her neediness is a turnoff. You know it and I know it. And who cares how Miley dresses.... Have you taken a walk down the sidewalk lately... How about through the mall?

@ Bianca

I totally agree with you Miley wears more clothes on her than most 6th grade girls these days! And yes Taylor gets around alot she even said she did one time.


Miley got the reputation of being a slut because of how she started dressing back when she was 16 even. She dressed slutty so that's what people think of her. The whole Taylor Swift dates too many guys is nonsense though. That's only true if you believe all of the gossip. But 99% of those stories aren't even true.


I know everyone wants to cover up the fact that Taylor is a serial dater because of her princess ways and her little innocent act. But come on! Taylor has dated over 13 guys in the past 3 years and do you wanna know how I know this? Every song she has ever made is about some guy she has dated and how they dumped her ass! I'm not calling Miley a saint either but at least she doesn't cover up who she really is with some fake goody two shoes act that Taylor likes to put on. It's like she only dates to make her next album sales. The truth is Taylor is not who everyone is making her seem. I actually like some of Taylor's music but I'm not gonna act like she's this angel that could do no wrong. After so many failed relationships that end with her being the dumpee instead of the dumper you start to realize she's the reason why all of her relationships have failed. Then she likes to play the victim and make songs trashing the guys blaming them for her own issues. It's quite sad, I would actually like her more if she got some balls and owned up to the fact that it's her with the problem istead of her exes that she just loves to blame. And before like I said Miley is not a saint but I really feel more people should cut her some slack because at least she doesnt hide who she is. I know someones gonna get mad because I just said the truth about their beloved Taylor Swift and try to defend her but it won't do any good because you know and the rest of the world knows that Taylor's not as good as everyone else likes to say she is.

@ Brutally Honest

I hate to break it to you but what Brutally Honest is saying is true. I couldn't believe it at first either but I saw her on an interview on tv last week and she confirmed that she did go out will all those guys she just doesn't like to call all of them boyfriends. I was in shock because i'm such a huge fan of Ms. Swift. But after watching that interview on tv my views about her are different now.

@ Heidi

not actually she dated 6..proves the media knows noothing about her and btw i have her book so i know alot a about her dating life she was called dipsy sh*t at school by the class, name scribbled on the board and called that dumb country music, wrote her own songs fron the age of 12 to 14//15 trying to look for a record deal all over nashville and worked hard to geth ere, she wrote her first song at the age of 12 called lucky you and she had no friends at school nobody would sit with her at lunch they would all get up and leave.

@ Brutally Honest


@ ehh

Did it ever occur to you that each song is for each guy. She doesn't just write dozens of songs about one person, that would make her look like a stalker.
Sorry for sounding mean its just that I'm tired of people acting like Taylor could do no wrong.

@ Brutally Honest


@ Anonymous

she does she wrote aot of songs about joe jonas some even on her new album

@ Anonymous

Actually those facts are straight she said it in an interview on youtube that she went out with all of those guys. She just doesnt like to classify them as boyfriends because it didnt last very long. I heard her say it with my own ears.

@ Scarlet

and alot about john meyer and alot of the others

@ Brutally Honest

Don't be so stupid. Taylor Swift HAS NOT dated 13 guys in the last three years. That guy from E! is a retard. Do you believe all gossip you read?

@ Brian

Are you just that brainwashed by her princess act and good voice? To think that she can do no wrong ever is terrible. Most gossip rags do just say rumors but those rumors started turning into the truth when Tay Tay started going on talk shows confirming her long list of failed romances.

@ Brutally Honest

I am so glad someone else knows that Taylor is not a little angel like many thinks she is. Soon no ones going to want to date her in fear that they might be on her next album.

@ Nicole

we arent saying she doesnt do wrong we are SAYING is that she does alot of good stufff to and has dated 6 boys in the past 7 years and she donated an insane amount to charities, forever going to cancer patients, have lunch with them, write songs for them she wrote a song about ronan a boy at 4 who died from cancer last year..oh yeah shes a wicked witch..not we arent saying she is perfect, nobody is, but shes not a terrible person is she is a girl who believe in " love" like any other girl wants! u cant expect everyone to marry the first guy they me she just has not found him yet and in time she will. Her mum told her once when she got turned out by a record company that god has still got things in store for her and that if a door closes god will help you open another one. So stop hating on her you dont know as much about her as me and the swifties do


I am so DISGUSTED by the Taylor hate. She's been my idol for so long, 4 years, and she has only dated 6 guys in 5 YEARS! Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, I don't know, but I would never call her a slut. I might not like her because of her new attitude, but I have no right to call a person I don't even know myself in person a slut or a bitch or a whore, ETC. All of the hate is caused by jealously and irony from her songs about love, dating and kissing. I think the Hate now is just going too far and needs to be stopped.


FYI for the person who made that post. Swift only dated 6 guys since she started in music industry. and she didn't date anyone in 2011. swift may have 6 ex-boyfriends but she never, ever wear some clothes that can see through your soul or she never did something slutty. She never dressed like a stripper. But miley, photos from many paparazzi are in magazines and internet. one time she went out without a bra or panty. wich is disgusting. what kind of celeb would do that. oh wait... miley. Swift would wear dress and something appropriate in her concerts for her little fan girls age 7 or so. Miley would dress up something like uggh. Believe me, I've been to their concerts already. Now Don't go saying swift is a slut when she just had 6 boyfriends including harry (they're still together now) , i know most of us teens nowadays had boyfriends way more than that. even 2 timing them. Swift is always elegant looking and has a very kind attitude which is good 'cause i don't see that nowadays in most celebrities. Miley is ok too though even if she dresses up like that.

@ Levi

agrreeed i love taylor swift

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