Miley Cyrus Borgore Concert: Christmas Creampies ... or Just Creepy?

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Beloved Disney star turned wild child Miley Cyrus got wilder than usual this weekend with DJ Borgore. Think Miley Cyrus and strippers dancing. Topless.

The strippers were, that is, not Miles. Still, it's pretty risque, even for her.

Cyrus, 19, took the stage at Borgore's "Christmas Creampies" show, dancing in tight pants and a cutout bra top with leopard-print boots, titillating the crowd.

Miley collaborated with Borgore on “Decisions,” and sang it live with him in L.A. Clearly, borderline NSFW performances are becoming par for the Cyrus course.

What do you think of the Miley Cyrus-Borgore collab?


Whenever I see her picture, I hear them banjos warming up.


Teenager? ahhahhahaha, she's 20! Holy crap, you guys should stop seeing miley as a 14 year old girl.


Ya'll forget she isnt a teenager. shes 20.

Joanne fender redmond

Her performance stunk... No rhythm, she cant even walk in those shoes ... (am I missing the point ) .. lol


There's really not much anyone can say. At some point all young women have to make a choice what they are going to use their talents for and what direction they are going to take. Frankly, she used to be an idol for my daughter who is currently 17 1/2 thankfully she thinks shes 'fallen off' and 'she is just using her body to try to save her carrer it's just like porn only using music' .... funny the wisdom you see in your children as they grow. My only hope is that she slows down before she becomes the next celebrity joke or ruins her life to the point she has no chance of stepping away from her bad descions...Nothing wrong with having fun but there is something seriously wrong with a 19 who comes from a loving family parading around like she was an orphan and raised in the prayers go out to her a nd her family...

Marcus dzmusic
@ Southern Gypsy

@ Southern Gypsy: Sadly, your daughter is quite right and her ability to see this is a credit to you as a parent! My daughter is only four and just barely becoming aware of these young girls. I'm not looking forward to the management of all the incoming "stimuli" but it's what we have to do. Unfortunately, for Miley I think staying in the limelight has become so important she has forgotten herself. Great parenting and a loving home can't always counterbalance an ego has become so used to being feed 24/7.


i think that she say that she want really be like the actress mily but my sister puttin pink dia and cut her hair and said she wanted to go to club like mily and since mily did that m


People, she's (almost) 20. TEENAGER? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

@ Urh

NineTEEN. When you do stupid things and act like a child, like her, you will be treated as such.

@ Nikii77

acording to people like you, teens shouldnt be doing that. meaning adults do... not teens. so why say she is a teen by acting the way she is when teens shouldnt be doing that?


Actually, I don't think she looks all that great dressed that way. No harm, as I see it, but not flattering to a quite attractive woman. So, if the goal was to stir up comments, it worked, but if it was to look sexy I would say "not really". She is 20, so the teen thing is history for her.


Nasty slut.


For the 11% who say Miley is sexy as hell, spend $4,000 for Lasik eye suregery. You must be freakin blind.


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