Miley Cyrus Borgore Concert: Christmas Creampies ... or Just Creepy?

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Beloved Disney star turned wild child Miley Cyrus got wilder than usual this weekend with DJ Borgore. Think Miley Cyrus and strippers dancing. Topless.


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    she is a adult and can do what she wants but she has been a complete mess since she was a 16 i think she is gonna be the next Brittney spears and no i do not mean in hits and success i mean on meltdowns drug addiction rehab and ect


    who the fuck cares..she looks like a hardcore dyke...i bet her house smells like cat litter.


    Miley's 20 now. She's not a teenager. She's legally an adult. She can do what she wants..


    Miley is a big Girl now.....She is exploring her sexual side. Its Human, Natural and Healthy.
    Where do you think we all came from? Let the young woman be who she is.


    now salena gomez she is beautiful and sexxy and she doesnt act or dress like that because she is also a classy young lady. miley can learn alot from salena.

    @ mr.joker

    really mr.jocker well i advise u to watch the trailer for the upcoming movie "spring breakers" selena and miley have grown up its harmless fun their young and HUMANS there is definately nothing wrong with either.......


    its always the ugly girls that think they are sexxy. plus she looks and sound like a guy .


    Once again, NOT real news, who cares. Move on please.


    Gag me with a spoon! Why is this nasty girl still relevent?


    Another case of a journalist trying to cause a scandal by putting false info in their report. The report states the performance took place in December and that Miley was 19. To the right of, and a little above, the video we all are to watch there
    is a small bio for Miley. It shows she was born on
    November 23, 1992. So as others have pointed out,
    Miley was 20 at the time of this performance. Even if
    she were 19, everyone is considered "as of age" when they reach 18. Miley started out as a child entertainer, but she has grown into a woman now. She deserves the right to take her music in the direction she wants. It is wrong for ANYONE to expect her to be little Miley Cyrus FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm sick of people referring to her as a teenager! You said so yourself in the article that she is 19. AN ADULT.

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