Mean Girls Cast Then and Now: A Cautionary Tale

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Lindsay Lohan's 2004 comedy smash Mean Girls also starred a number of other talented actresses ... who have aged considerably better than she has.

See Exhibit A below:

Amanda Seyfried, 27, Lacey Chabert, 30, and Lindsay Lohan, 26 going on 45.

Eight years is a long time for anyone, certainly ... but not that long.

Let this serve as a cautionary tale regarding the impact of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, emotional abuse, fatigue, tanning beds, stress, and plastic surgery on a human body.

The impact on the aging process may not be scientifically proven, but just look at the evidence below. It's enough to at least make you think, is it not?

Mean Girls Cast

Don't chalk this up to one bad photo of Lindsay Lohan, either.

For further comparison, here are two humans aged 26 years:

Agron, Lohan

Glee's Dianna Agron is only a few months younger, not two decades.

We know you're saying no to rehab Lindsay, but come on. You know it deep down and so do we. This is unsustainable. Get help, girl, before it's too late.

Horrifying. Whatever Diana's doing (or not doing)... emulate.


Not to mention, Rachel McAdams is almost 8 years older than her. :(


AWWW! Look at the hag!


No Rachel McAdams comparison?? :(


Lindsey is the POSTER CHILD for parents who are more interested in becoming famous that taking care of their daughter. Just because she's 26 doesn't make it "go all away".


WTF How old is Lindsay in 2013 aka this year?

@ Ashley

do the Math....she was born in 1986, this year is 2013.....which gives her an age of...wait for it......26 years old TWENTY SIX YEARS OF AGE! That is how old she is, but her skin and everything about shouts out an age appearance for someone older, triple even, her age.


God, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. What the Hell, she is a completely different person.

@ Dean

I know right


Meth is one hell of a drug.




While there is no denying that Lindsey has NOT ages well, this article isn't really fair. That picture of Amanda is 100% airbrushed! She never looks 1/2 that good. And Lacey looks like she is 12.
If Lindsey laid off the drugs, booze, and cigs...and got more sleep, used more sunscreen, and colored her hair back to red, she could slow down her aging face quite a bit.


I will be ruling their lives.

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