Mean Girls Cast Then and Now: A Cautionary Tale

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Lindsay Lohan's 2004 comedy smash Mean Girls also starred a number of other talented actresses ... who have aged considerably better than she has.

See Exhibit A below:

Amanda Seyfried, 27, Lacey Chabert, 30, and Lindsay Lohan, 26 going on 45.

Eight years is a long time for anyone, certainly ... but not that long.

Let this serve as a cautionary tale regarding the impact of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, emotional abuse, fatigue, tanning beds, stress, and plastic surgery on a human body.

The impact on the aging process may not be scientifically proven, but just look at the evidence below. It's enough to at least make you think, is it not?

Mean Girls Cast

Don't chalk this up to one bad photo of Lindsay Lohan, either.

For further comparison, here are two humans aged 26 years:

Agron, Lohan

Glee's Dianna Agron is only a few months younger, not two decades.

We know you're saying no to rehab Lindsay, but come on. You know it deep down and so do we. This is unsustainable. Get help, girl, before it's too late.

Horrifying. Whatever Diana's doing (or not doing)... emulate.


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Hey, if you want to booze and dope it up, those are the effects. I mean Keith Richards should be every celebrity's cautionary tale. Li-Lo is just a straight skank now.


Amanda Seyfried actually got prettier! Lindsay was such a beautiful girl. I think she would still be really pretty now. Unfortunately she did get into drugs and that messed her up. I hope that she gets past it and seeks out help and cleans up.


She is the progeny of a prison convict. The apple doesn't roll far from the tree.


i feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan. Ithink she has some traumatic childhood experience and pain. and Im sick of erks like DavidLetterman making jokes about her. Especially since he was once an alcoholic, but to his credit, overcame it. Addition is no joke! There are alcohol researchers who get millions, maybe billions to "research addition, but to kno avail, except make the quack researchers and soc ial workers ric and richer. they use sensitive, vulnerable people for gunea pigs,programming andneurolinguistically programming. I THINK Lindsey Lohan is programmed. Ipray for her. Ipray she comes to know jesus christ as her savior. From what i see of her parents and the Hollywood rabble. Poor Lindaey has been exploited and ridicled, far too long. GOD HELP YOU LINDSEY/ YOU ARE LOVED AND CARED FOR. YOU ARE A PERSON OF VALUE AND TALENT. JUST BY BEING YOU. YOU DONT HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY!!! BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY. FINSD A QUIET PLACE AND PRAY THROW OFF THE SHALLOW PARASITES. IGNORE THEIR CRUELTY.


Stop being horrible and stuck up. We all are allowed to enjoy our lives the ways we want to. Look into the mirror and judge yourselves! And if this girl is one of your best friends, I am sure you still bitch about her, you mean lil bitches!
The writer of this article should be forever alone or be dumbed by the partner for being shallow and horrible. Peace and love to ya'all xx

@ Tien

Are you a drugaddict and alcoholic too? That's the only reason I;d find for you to defend her behavior. Freedom doesn't mean self-destruction.

@ Tien

Pray to Jesus to give you the ability to write in coherent Standard English. If the above is the best example of your writing skill, Jesus has shortchanged you.


There's NO WAY anyone can say w/ a straight face that Lindsay doesn't look totally worked over and at least twice her age, I don't care what anybody thinks that's just a fact, anyone w/ eyes can see that !!!


I woke up and was not rich and famous well its time to get high



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