Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza: Married!

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Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza have made it official. They got married Saturday in Mexico!

Lopez and his fiance have been together since early 2008 and have a two-year-old daughter.

Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez

They exchanged vows just before sunset at the Mexican seaside estate of Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, which hopefully isn't a harbinger of trouble to come.

Not surprisingly, Mario's celebrity news employer Extra was first to report the news.

Lopez says he's hoping he and Courtney Mazza will soon expand their family.

"We're working on that," The X Factor host admitted. "Right after the wedding."

"We'll wait for the guests to leave and then we're getting right on that!"

Guess we'll see in late August or early September if they succeeded.

The wedding of Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza will be featured in a two-hour TLC special titled Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta, slated to air December 8.

It's the first marriage for Mazza and the second trip down the aisle for Lopez, though his 2004 marriage to model and actress Ali Landry was annulled days later.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



Wait is that the one you had the baby with.I thought you married her already i tjhought you said that on the ellen show. BUt COngrats MARIOOOOOO. I love youuuu. a big fan of you. ( I loved you in saved by the bell reruns) and i loved you in that movie christmas in handcuffs i would have given you back.


this i never going to last,one only had to watch their reality show.


only american failure like lilo know this former poster-boy by name.


Cute Couple Together


I think she has absolutely stunning looks. Don't understand why most white men believe a woman isn't beautiful unless she's a blonde. Sheesh! Don't they see blondes are so fake?

@ adlg55

@adlg55, How old are you? Some people are BORN blonde. I'm brunette, but come on. your statement is ignorant


Congrats to Mario and Courtney. I hope there is no bad karma at the Girls Gone Wild Estate. They make such an attractive couple and will have beautiful babies! Enjoy your newlywed time together!


What is with all the Hollywood types who are too scared to commit to marriage with someone but have no qualms about having a child?/

@ innerjuju

divorce is much more costly! and hollywood celebs have more money at stake. if it were me, I'd stay single as long as i could, dating having fun or not marry at all, like Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russel. Helps bank accounts too.


What a moron. He went from Ali Landry to THAT? She looks like she is pushing 50!

@ Sammie are so RIGHT ON!!!!! Mario Lopez is a moron...a moron who is clearly so vain and shallow. He looks like he is so in love with himself 24/7...and beyond. And, to me, Courtney looks like a dude...somewhat. At least Ali Landry looks like a real chick. Most of all, Mario has a history of being unfaithful when it comes to women in general. Remember...Mario very coldly dumped that Karina chick. And, Mario cheated on Ali on their honeymoon. Bottom Line: I give Mario and Courtney's so-called marriage no more than 3 months...or less.

@ Sammie

In addition she must be a very 'understanding' woman to marry him. Rumors, rumors!

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