Lindsay Lohan Probation Revoked; Will She Go to Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked as expected this morning in court, but a decision on whether she'll go to jail as a result will have to wait until January.

Because she's on probation for stealing jewelry, Lohan faces eight months in jail as a consequence of her recent arrests IF a judge decides that's best.

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Lindsay was charged with lying to police and driving recklessly while crashing her Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway in June. That got her probation revoked today.

She was also arrested recently for assaulting Tiffany Mitchell, and could face additional consequences for that. Needless to say, we don't envy her position.

It's not a done deal yet by any means, though. Commissioner Jane Godfrey, who is overseeing the case, scheduled a January 15 hearing on the probation violation.

If Godfrey decides Lindsay did violate her probation, she could face 245 days in jail. A conviction beyond reasonable doubt is not necessary to lock her up.

Of course, Godfrey could also be lenient, and is said to is gravitate more toward second chances than jail, so Lindsay could totally skate yet again. Figures.

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She needs a year in rehab. Jail wont help, she doesnt seem to have anyone who is mature n sober enough to help her out. Like Dr. Drew said, she needs help. If she doesnt get it, she will end up dead!! Its very sad!!!


I sure hope not. She is so beautiful and talented. I just wish she would meet a nice guy and settle down have kids etc......


One can only hope.


There that line , I mean Lindsay lohen when she first went on the party and bullshit train it was whatever but now this hoe is doing what fighting at a bar being in playboy , enough is enough hoe needs to camn the fuck down !


Second chances?? She's gotten more than the average person. This isn't a case of bad luck. She needs to do time just like everybody else. That's her rock bottom. This has been ridiculous with her. It says nothing for the LA County Justice system. Unbelievable.

@ Bash



I wish this chick would get her $hit together. She is such a white hot mess. How many slaps on the wrist is she going to get before she actually is given a hard lesson to learn? A non-celebrity would have been in jail a long time ago. She either needs intense rehab or a lengthly stint in jail. The sooner Hollywood realizes they only cause the celeb harm by enabling their behavior, putting them in magazines, hiring them for jobs, etc, the better. I really hope that she gets the help she needs, and not from her attention whore mother, either. Dina Lohan isn't doing her daughter any favors.

@ GreekGal

thats so true mannn.......i really hope that she gets the help she needs. Her life story just makes me feel good that i'm an ordinary person and not a celebrity. I really hope that she gets better in time and learns from her mistakes.


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