Lindsay Lohan Facing Eight MONTHS in Jail

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Lindsay Lohan could be headed to the can for a long time, according to reports. The fallout from her recent run-ins with the law could mean 245 days behind bars.

When Hot Mess Anonymous is arraigned Wednesday for allegedly lying to police following her car accident last June, the judge will likely revoke her probation.

Linds is on probation for her jewelry heist conviction.

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Judge Stephanie Sautner will then set a date for a hearing to formally decide if Lindsay Lohan violated the terms of her probation by breaking the law again.

The hearing will take place at the same time LiLo stands trial on criminal charges - this is unrelated to her punching Tiffany Mitchell, for which she was also arrested.

Even if Lindsay is found not guilty in the criminal case, the judge can still rule she violated probation; proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is not required.

The stakes for Lindsay are high, to say the least.

She's looking at eight months in jail for just the probation violation, and that doesn't include the potential jail time if she's convicted in the car accident case.

Another bad sign? The L.A. City Attorney is "out for blood" and will file papers Wednesday asking that Lindsay's probation be revoked, according to TMZ.

The judge makes that determination on her own - prosecutors don't even have to ask for it - but their voice will certainly be heard, and their voice won't be kind.

Of course, this is Lindsay Lohan. She's pulled legal rabbits out of her hat more times than we can even count. Hell, she makes beating the rap look easy.

The 26-year-old star always claims police are out to get her ... maybe the judge will agree and give her one more chance for the 74th consecutive time.

You tell us: Do you think she should do hard time?


She has gone to far...she has told people that they are not going to do a thing to her...It still stands to see if the law is a just law, or is money ruling the law..the next thing she do will is take an innocent persons life... and I guess she will be rewarded for that...she should have been locked up, her and her Lawyer for lying..

Chris dyer

well considering the LA. county D.A. is in serious hot with the public over Ka Pasasouk, the man accused of murdering 4 people when he should have/ could have been in jail, the D.A. might have to finally sacrifice the Hollywood lamb and put little Lohan up in the gray bar hotel.

Sven erlandson

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Don't jail Lindsay....let her come live with me...I know I can help her.


Lindsay Lohan MIGHT serve up to 8 months in jail but will she? of course not - yawn yawn!

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