Lindsay Lohan Denies Punching Tiffany Mitchell, Admits "Gypsy" Comment

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Lindsay Lohan is adamant that she did NOT punch anyone in the face at a club early Thursday morning, but admits she did get into an argument with Tiffany Mitchell.

She also admits calling Mitchell, a fortune teller/psychic, "gypsy."

Lost Looking Lohan

According to sources close to Lohan, Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside club Avenue to do a palm reading of some kind, but Lindsay turned her down.

Thse she noticed Tiffany's friends crowding around her purse.

When Lindsay returned to her table, her friends told her that Tiffany's friends stole her purse - a super expensive black leather Celine - and the actress was pissed.

Lindsay says she did call Tiffany a "gypsy" but says she did not know that word is considered a slur ... guess she just thought it was a run-of-the-mill insult?

Anyway, Mitchell then told her Liz & Dick sucked, and $h!t escalated.

It's unclear if they were indeed vying for Max George's affections; The Wanted singer is said to have spurned the star and flirted with Mitchell, further angering Lohan.

As for hitting Tiffany, which got Lindsay Lohan arrested for assault, she denies it 100 percent and says she's being set up ... stop us if you've heard that one.

The actress was said to be rip-roaring drunk that night - and most nights, as she's drinking up to two liters of vodka a day - so her credibility may be suspect.

Not that it was pristine to begin with, of course.

Lindsay Lohan: Throw her in jail?


I don't like Lindsay Lohan. She's annoying, ridiculous, and a complete train wreck. However, she should not be put in jail for this, can you say overkill?


R.I.P Lindsay Lohan. She's on her way out. And noone can save her but herself but she doesn't know how or she won't so let her circle the drain of life if she wants.
They almost always leave the world when they start talking about having kids and claims of starting a new life even though they're not turning thier lives around at all. Yup hate to say it but poor Lindsay is a gonner..
Get ready for it people! She brought it all on herself anyways.

@ Just Sayin'!

Stupid everyone needs to back the fuck off her and
Let her be wtf role model or not she's fucken human
Gosh is like people forgot were humans and we cant make mistakes ...I could only imagine being follwed by
Cameras all day it'll be fucking annoying and honestly I feel like that gypsy is just trying make money off her
People now and days trying get some dough cause they ain't making their own money ...and they honestly see her as an easy target to get money

@ Pssh haters in the building

your right they needa back tf off these people commenting dumb af sh!t aint gettin 'em no where they just hatin

@ Pssh haters in the building

On the same hand...I feel for her. :/ she has nobody

@ Pssh haters in the building

Then she needs to stay out of the clubs! She does get herself into the messes by going out places that attract trouble. I don't understand how gypsy is a racist slur. It's not a's a lifestyle

@ lynn

Who the hell doesnt get in club fights there's not one damn day where shit don't go in the club haters will always be around and shit will always come and anyways that gypsy bitch went towards her so that means she looked for trouble
Man shit will always happen and every targets her because they see her as an easy target to make money off her
It seems like now and days the only way to be good is to stay home and be bored all day trapped inside a cage or something fuck that its a free world lrt her rome it as she please or what we cant walk our streets now and days is this what this fucken society has become fucken critics fu,ken being o

@ lynn

No one said gypsy is a "racist slur", just a "slur". There is a difference.
Anywho, is the gypsy being questioned for supposedly stealing Lohan's purse? Is that legal nowadays? Obviously, Lohan should never leave her purse, but this Bricks doesn't seem to have common sense. Doesn't give people the right to just steal her things.


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