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It was awful! Hugh Jackman was no better than Crowe, in my opinion. Neither could sing and neither gave memorable acting performances. The direction was terrible and everything was way too small feeling and close-up. Between the ugly singing and the ugly cinematography, there was really nothing to like about this film.

@ Al

I agree 100%. I was terribly disappointed. I thought it was just the theater I saw it in. The sound was horrible. The direction sucked. It looked like actors walking around a set. It wasn't believable. I never felt drawn into the action. My husband offered to take me to see it at a different theater and my response was, the sound won't change the fact that the people can't sing. Jackman was horrible. His acting was fine, but his singing voice was not up to the role he was playing. Bring Him Home was the worst part of the movie. The song was way to high for him and he sounded like he was straining to reach the notes - not to mention it sounded nasal. So, so, disappointed.

@ Me

I agree that it was a disappointment. I just saw the touring 25th anniversary production. twice over thanksgiving and have seen if a few times before including in London almost 25 years ago. My love for les mis was renewed and I was obsessed about seeing the movie. I was so imoressed with the trailers but was let down by the movie. Jackman was okay but he didn't hit the notes required for Jean Valjean. He overacted and was all over the place. At one point the whole audience laughed when he was singing at the top of the stairs after getting the note from Gavroche. Crowe was mostly awful. He was okay and on key at a couple of points but he butchered Stars. He just distracted from the whole experience. He was more irritating than the baby crying during Hathaway's I Dreamed a Dream. Who brings a baby to a three hour movie experience. Actually two babies cried. Crowe almost made me cry too but because of my disbelief and disappointment. He even pronounced paradise as "pweradise" in Stars. The Javert in the touring production was spot on. The first few minutes of the movie are laughable too. The highlights were the children playing Cosette and Gavroche, Samantha barks as Eponine (of course) and Marius singing Empty chairs and empty tables. The thenardiers (bohnam-carter and baron conen) were raunchy and funny. Anne Hathaway went all out but to me she over did the role a little. I thought she was best singing Come to Me on her death bed for Cosette. Think of how it would have been with all the actors actually hitting the notes like at the 25th anniversary show in the O arena. Hugh Jackman is wolverine and he doesn't play a Frenchman well. His accent seemed to go Scottish while trying to cover up his Aussie accent. I am so over it.


Ruined it? Really? It wasn't distractingly bad, I didn't think much about him to be honest.
And how come no one's talking about Eddie Redmayne? He stole the second half of the show, in my opinion. He lights up the screen and has a lovely voice. His "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" made me cry.

@ Annie

I have to agree with you about Eddie. His performance of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables was the best I've heard (and I've been a Les Miz fan for 25 years). I thought Jackman's voice was the worst of everyone. Russell Crowe was better than I thought he would be. At least he was on key. That can't be said for Jackman.


He wasn't bad at all at singing!
In fact I loved the way he sang!


his secind name?
...........THE CRASHER!!

@ cletes

The musical was great, except for Crowe. But not because of his bad singing, he sang passably well, but he's just NOT Javert. Javert is a pure ideologue. He's the French Taliban. The law is the law, even when the law is an ass.

Crowe's voice was just too sweet. He was too ruffled. Javert would be impeccably dressed and quaffed, not a hair out of place. He was born in a prison and his sole is still there. He's trying to make up for the sins of his parents and the secret is, he never can, because he doesn't forgive them himself.

Jean Valjean learns this lesson from the priest when he receives the pardon and the silver. He realizes that his sins can be forgiven and wiped out by love.

Crowe never conveys any of the depth of Javert and his inner demons. He hates Valjean, because he hates himself!

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