LeAnn Rimes Rips Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tonight Show

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If Brandi Glanville wants to keep on ripping LeAnn Rimes on reality TV, go nuts, Rimes says ... it's not like there's anything real about her show anyway.

Rimes was on The Tonight Show last night and was asked what she thought about her husband Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife being on the Bravo hit series.

Jay Leno asked if it was weird having Brandi Glanville talk about her on RHOBH.

"Which part? I guess it's not weird when I know that's not my reality," she said.

"Here's therapy coming out of me ... I should say that I'm flattered that I'm that interesting that I can be such an amazing storyline on a reality show."

"There's no reality in a reality show. There isn't."

Astonishing thought right there ... Bravo shows try to hype up drama through editing and staged storylines? Knock us over with a feather right now.

Of course, their ongoing tete-a-tete has been a two-way thing. While on Leno, LeAnn performed her new song "Borrowed" ... a track about cheating.

LeAnn Rimes cheated on her husband Dean with Eddie, who was married to Brandi at the time. Awaiting Glanville's response on Twitter in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...


Please, they are all hoes and goddamn vampires.
Every last one of them. All they do is use people and break eachother's hearts. Eddie is a spineless little weasel with good dimples. Not really a man when it comes to putting a peaceful end to Brandi's and LeAnn 's bickering. Brandi has sour grapes over the breakup with she and Eddie. And LeAnn is a guilty husband stealing whore who is still to this day suffers from tremendous guilt over what she's done. That's why the stupid cow keeps feeling the need to talk about she and Eddie's relationship. Personally, I only give it three to four years tops with or without children. Because relationships that start out in infidelity will most likely end up that way! If they do it with you, they'll damn sure do it to you! What goes around, comes around...get ready LeAnn you're times almost up girl!


Two Whores. One's a home wrecking whore and the other is just a plain whore....


You forgot "classless" because Brandi has absolutely NO CLASS whatsoever either.


Brandi is a sick jealous untalented publicity whore. No wonder Eddie so easily walked away from that kind of hateful woman. She is beautiful but after awhile a person so evil is worth it. Glad Eddie found LeAnn a honest and loving beautiful woman.

Lynn james
@ Paul

HONEST? What world do u live in that a person who cheats on her own husband & steals another woman's husband is honest? Good luck with your life. as far as Brandi, she's hurt, as well as she should be & why does a woman who makes jokes about sex, stand up for herself & has high self esteem a whore? Wow! Leann is the whore for what she did. Eddie is no better than Leann.

@ Paul

Are you kidding?!?!?!? Honest? A cheating, home wrecking slut? How do you consider that honest? Loving? Yes . . . somebody else's husband. Beautiful? She has squinty, beady eyes and a horse face. She also looks like a holocaust survivor. The bitch is ugly to the core. Brandi is hilarious. Sure she's still bitter at times. Who wouldn't be. That cunt Rimes broke up her family! Rimes has nothing that Brandi could possibly be jealous of, except that cheating POS ex-husband of hers and Brandi deserves better anyway. Eddie did her a favor. Can't wait til he cheats on Rimes and she gets a taste of her own medicine.


The way a marriage works is if you're unhappy? you end the marriage you don't go looking f or "happiness" somewhere else ! marriage is a commited relationship where both people owe respect and loyalty and faithfullness to one another ! So if Ediie was soooo unhappy with her, why not end it in a decent way ! and Le Ann is worst , married herself and sleeping with a married man with children? disgusting and unforgiveable, Brandi has every right to be upset to put it mildly !!!

Lynn james
@ Maya

I couldn't say it better! Thanks maya for your input. Seems like there's quite a few dilusional people here today.


I totally agree with Ms Bilie !!!!
Brava Ms Bilie !!!!
People just have to leave these individuals alone !!!

Ms billie

People seems to forget the fact that if Eddie had been happy he wouldn't have left Brandi. He was ready to leave and LeAnn just happen to be in the right place at the right time. It could have been any other woman to be there when he reached his point. So lay off LeAnn it takes two not to mention Brandi is no angel by any means. This is old news it's time for everyone to move on, damn get a life.


I can't stand this witchy.
She breaks up a marriage, takes 2 little boys' father away, then has the absolute gall to slam Brandi on twitter constantly. (all while trying to make herself over to look like Brandi.)
I can't wait to see Karma make her life totally miserable, if it hasn't already.


LeeAnn needs to be herself the girl with the great talent. Instead ..she dresses like a silly undressed wanbe like Brandi with her lowclass dress because you looked like someon from the hood.na be sexy girl. She got Eddie so be the true person you are. I saw your picture in a magazine at an airport and you were wearing black horrid stockings and Daisy Dukes..IN PUBLIC? Be You.! What's wrongwith that.?Last summer it was a bikini every pictureand you have people laughing. Dress like the lady you are.

Lynn james

Yeah b u, a classless whore who couldn't be a real woman & divorce her husband instead of cheating on him. Be u, a girl, not woman, who needed to ruin a family & two little boys lives, not to mention a wife's life. Be u, a selfish slut!


Instead of writing all these "Brandi needs to move on" posts, perhaps you should tell your friend Leann to move on and shut up. Blaming Brandi isn't going to help Leann. Eddie is cheating on Leann, so thanks for confirming that things are not happy at home as Leann claims.

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