LeAnn Rimes: Drunk on The X Factor?!

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LeAnn Rimes' duet with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor finals last night raised eyebrows - and questions about her sobriety.

The two sang LeAnn's hit "How Do I Live" and many viewers felt Rimes' performance was a little over the top ... to put it mildly. Take a look below:

The Huffington Post labeled her effort “uneven and uncomfortable” and pointed out that “Rimes even gripped onto Sonenclar during the performance."

Her voice didn't seem to have its usual strength, leading some fans to speculate online that she might have been drinking prior to taking the stage.

The UK’s Daily Mail also remarked that Rimes' "bizarre" performance may have been an attempt to out-sing or upstage the young X Factor competitor.

The Hollywood Reporter said Rimes wasn't feeling well yesterday, which may explain her odd behavior ... which was either ignored or missed by the judges.

“They were shockingly amazing, so great,” said Britney Spears, who appeared to be on the verge of tears during the performance (for whatever reason).

LeAnn Rimes’ strange performance comes on the heels of her trip to rehab and her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville escalating in recent weeks.

“It’s out of control, the way LeAnn stalks Brandi,” an insider told celeb gossip magazine Star. “Even LeAnn’s friends think it’s weird, but she can’t help herself."

"If Brandi tweets a picture of herself in a bikini, LeAnn does the same. If Brandi talks about becoming a dermatologist, LeAnn starts talking about it ... it’s really strange!”

According to Rimes, the obsession is one-sided - from the other side.

Asked about Brandi on the Tonight Show, LeAnn slammed her and her show, saying she should be "flattered that she thinks I'm so interesting that I can be a storyline."

What do you think of the duet with Carly? Just an off-night for LeAnn, or are there bigger issues at work? Or did you love her performance? Comment below!


Not sure if she was drunk, but she was sure fugly.


Well, she only went into rehab for stress not because she had a drinking problem. Guess she needs to pack her bags and go back for an alcohol problem now... God, these celebrities are so cliche it's becoming comical...


I thought it was just me!! I thought the same thing! She definitely tried to sing over her! She didn't let her shine like she should have! I also wondered what the judges REALLY thought! I hope it didn't hurt her chances of winning, because I love her, and she deserves it! She is AMAZING!


Seriously, if you hadn't suggested she was tipsy, I'd have thought nothing about her performance. Leave the girl alone. Pathetic article, pathetic that I gave it a moment of my time.

@ leave her alone

Really? She sounded horrible, idk if it was drinking or just trying to upstage a younger singer but that was perfectly horrid. You honestly thought that was a good performance?


With the hick-up or burp at the beginning and the wobbly, swaying stance, I don't think there is any doubt that she was wasted. She forgot the lyrics at one point, she was off key at a couple of places, and the whole thing was just strange. Carly is only 13 years old and the behavior was totally inappropriate. I just very impressed with how Carly handled the situation and tried to cover for her.


Agreed. I think Leann ruined the performance! I felt sorry for Carly.


Omg she was so bent!!

@ JiggyBox

I did not like it at all. Strange pair up. Carly us nit country.

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