LeAnn Rimes: Drunk on The X Factor?!

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LeAnn Rimes' duet with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor finals last night raised eyebrows - and questions about her sobriety.

The two sang LeAnn's hit "How Do I Live" and many viewers felt Rimes' performance was a little over the top ... to put it mildly. Take a look below:

The Huffington Post labeled her effort “uneven and uncomfortable” and pointed out that “Rimes even gripped onto Sonenclar during the performance."

Her voice didn't seem to have its usual strength, leading some fans to speculate online that she might have been drinking prior to taking the stage.

The UK’s Daily Mail also remarked that Rimes' "bizarre" performance may have been an attempt to out-sing or upstage the young X Factor competitor.

The Hollywood Reporter said Rimes wasn't feeling well yesterday, which may explain her odd behavior ... which was either ignored or missed by the judges.

“They were shockingly amazing, so great,” said Britney Spears, who appeared to be on the verge of tears during the performance (for whatever reason).

LeAnn Rimes’ strange performance comes on the heels of her trip to rehab and her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville escalating in recent weeks.

“It’s out of control, the way LeAnn stalks Brandi,” an insider told celeb gossip magazine Star. “Even LeAnn’s friends think it’s weird, but she can’t help herself."

"If Brandi tweets a picture of herself in a bikini, LeAnn does the same. If Brandi talks about becoming a dermatologist, LeAnn starts talking about it ... it’s really strange!”

According to Rimes, the obsession is one-sided - from the other side.

Asked about Brandi on the Tonight Show, LeAnn slammed her and her show, saying she should be "flattered that she thinks I'm so interesting that I can be a storyline."

What do you think of the duet with Carly? Just an off-night for LeAnn, or are there bigger issues at work? Or did you love her performance? Comment below!


I don't understand why people would think she is drunk. By the look of her lately I think she is just weak from hunger.


Something was going on with her and everyone on the Xfactor was not willing to call her out on it. Even Carly seemed confused and was just being nice about it.

@ Joan

Yah,the thing that is wrong with her is BULLING!!!!!!! no matter how hard she try's ,Ths bully's come out of the closet,It is never good enough until you all distroy her for good!!!! Shame on You!!!!!!!


Can you folks not give somebody a break???? If she said she wasn't, can't you believe her? Maybe she's on medication which she probably needs to be for all the Hell everyone gives her. Wanna kill her? Keep pushing her over the edge. The damn tabloids don't know WHEN to stop. Give her a chance. Let her get over her troubled situation. She's got one of the most beautiful voices in the world. Brandi has got false tits and false lies. She deserves to be rid of Eddie; he's not been worth it!

@ Sassy1000001

She has been getting a bad wrap lately. I do feel bad for her. I don't believe she was drunk at all. I bet it was medication and nerves. Give her some space everyone.

@ Sassy1000001

I truly can't understand why people bash Brandi when she was the one wronged. And I think people would give LeAnn a break if she would quietly focus on her singing and stop with this constant twittering.
And by the way, LeAnn also has false tits in her effor to emulate Brandi.


Rimes's performance was pretty bad..I couldn't put my finger on the reason why..but she ruined the duet for sure.


LeAnn is an obvious addict. Whether or not the substance of choice is pills or alcohol remains to be seen. The real problem here is the fact that she still carries a great amount of grief over what she's done. And she wants so badly to be accepted by the masses. Also to get her recording career back on track and that's something that will never happen again. Unless she divorces Eddie and go away to rehab for a while and just lay low. But that's too much like right she'll never do that. Heaven forbid she do the right thing for once in her miserable life! But that's the only way she's going to ever get past this, either that or just don't talk about it anymore. I hate to say it but women do and are often the bearer's of infidelity while the man in question Eddie, just skirts on by. Its a shame that it happens like that. But that's life. Personally, I blame both of them. They're all selfish careless thoughtless people who deserve every hell they create for themselves.


I had never heard Rimes before. It was awful!!!!


In My Opinion I Think Leann Rimes Ruined It For The Great Carly.


Her performance stunk. I felt so sorry for Carly Rose. The kid is SO talented it's not funny. I don't know WHAT LeAnn's problem was, booze, drugs, ego....but she shouldn't have tried to ruin the night for Carly Rose who showed so much poise through the ordeal. Shame on LeAnn. She was once where Carly Rose is now.

@ mama

Her problem.Was people like you that have to Bully others!!!!!!!!!! Carly lost because she has a lot of growing to do!!!! But she really did not loose, Shame on people like you!!!!!


I just thought Leann wasn't that great a singer. Have never heard her before and know nothing about her. My husband and I both commented that Carly out sang her. This was on one occasion. Am not saying Leann isn't great. Honestly I can hear she has some great tone in her voice. I wasn't impressed with Tate's sidekicks either. Just saying...am not bullying or a hater, just expressing an opinion and observance from the performance I saw. Maybe Leann is much better than I heard and she was just having an off night. I wonder who chooses the accompanying singers? Maybe Leann is someone carly requested because she really likes her.


It was bizarre. Her timing was off and I felt sorry for Carly. How shameful if Leann was on something. What a mess and on National TV!!


Leann looked and acted drunk or high on something. Just hope she didn't hurt Carly Rose's chances of winning.

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