LeAnn Rimes: Drunk on The X Factor?!

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LeAnn Rimes' duet with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor finals last night raised eyebrows - and questions about her sobriety.

The two sang LeAnn's hit "How Do I Live" and many viewers felt Rimes' performance was a little over the top ... to put it mildly. Take a look below:

The Huffington Post labeled her effort “uneven and uncomfortable” and pointed out that “Rimes even gripped onto Sonenclar during the performance."

Her voice didn't seem to have its usual strength, leading some fans to speculate online that she might have been drinking prior to taking the stage.

The UK’s Daily Mail also remarked that Rimes' "bizarre" performance may have been an attempt to out-sing or upstage the young X Factor competitor.

The Hollywood Reporter said Rimes wasn't feeling well yesterday, which may explain her odd behavior ... which was either ignored or missed by the judges.

“They were shockingly amazing, so great,” said Britney Spears, who appeared to be on the verge of tears during the performance (for whatever reason).

LeAnn Rimes’ strange performance comes on the heels of her trip to rehab and her ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville escalating in recent weeks.

“It’s out of control, the way LeAnn stalks Brandi,” an insider told celeb gossip magazine Star. “Even LeAnn’s friends think it’s weird, but she can’t help herself."

"If Brandi tweets a picture of herself in a bikini, LeAnn does the same. If Brandi talks about becoming a dermatologist, LeAnn starts talking about it ... it’s really strange!”

According to Rimes, the obsession is one-sided - from the other side.

Asked about Brandi on the Tonight Show, LeAnn slammed her and her show, saying she should be "flattered that she thinks I'm so interesting that I can be a storyline."

What do you think of the duet with Carly? Just an off-night for LeAnn, or are there bigger issues at work? Or did you love her performance? Comment below!


hi hru leena


When she was born, Lee Ann was so ugly, instead of slapping her, he slapped her mother.


Guilty as charged. High as a kite. Hey Jody with the 3 angry posts. Were you drinking with LeAnn? Spend more time learning how to spell.

@ Mr. Justice

You are a piece of work.You mom must have slapped the crap out of your dad when you were born. Did I spell that right????? and I don't have to hide behind a FAKE name!

Mary charlotte hartman

you people are so full of sh**. all of the media is out to get leann. if you know so much how do you know she was drunk. fact is she wasn't and you know nothing you just write a bunch of crap. the press has harped on this young lady for 4 years. give it up. why aren't you knocking out jennifer anniston or all the other broads who have fallen in love with a married man. are you picking on leann because she doesn't suck up to you. you would think this poor little girl was the only women in our country who had fallen in love with a married man. have you seen brandi his exwife. she is a fowl mouth dope addic boozing broad. good riddence of her. leann is much more of a role model for those boys. by the way thank goodness if leann had anything to do with that spoiled brat on x factor. she is way to young to be in an adult competition. love, love simon, but he is wrong about this spoiled brat


Yes leeAnn was under the influence of hate and bullies!!!! that love to see successfull people crash and burn !! as did princess Diana. wow I forget how crewel the world really is!!!!


She's a freakin adultress who stole the kids of her adulterer husband's Ex's children. There is nothing more pathetic than an ugly freakin slut. If you're defending her, you have the same moral values. Grow up!!!.

@ John

Wow!!! you are a piece of work! I do not believe in cheaters,But sometimes things happen. She is not proud of what happened. I am not defending her,But she has paid for what she has done. She was not proud of it,But she is not the only person in the world who has done this.If Eddie's X is That much of a wonderful person,she is now free HAVE AT HER!!!! Both of you would be a PERFECT match!!!@ Mr. Justice I DON"T PLAY WITH STUPID PEOPLE!!!!! Leave her alone.and hope your wife don't leave YOU!!! With your wonderful personality I would not blame her one bit. If you even have a wife??????


LeAnn Rimes was drunk or under some medication or drags. It was not comfortable to see her performance. Carly is a very telented and she will have a great future any way. But X Factor should check who they invite for this klind of performance!!!


As I am reading some of these STUPID remarks,How sad are people,how can you stop kids from bulling when adults think it is ok????????? Carly did not come out first because she still has a lot of growing to do,she has a great future ahead of her until people like you try and bring her down as low as you can!!!!!! No matter what Lee ann try's to do it will never be good enough for all you PERFECT people, STOP THE BULLING !!!!! LEEANN was GREAT why do you want to add to tragedy in live.? What is wrong with you people???? Carly was great and so was LEEANN so leave them alone,Carly will do just fine ,with a lil more polishing .She will one day be in the same shoes as LeeAnn and have people bulling her also and bringing her down and blaming her for the problems in the word!!!!!!


OMG now people are blaming Lee Ann for Carly loosing,What is wrong with you,She is a very young girl,with a hudge furture ahead of her,but if her family and her self wha wha and blame other people than she deserves to go no where!!!!!!! Lee Ann was FANTASTIC theirs nothing worse than heart and blame someone else people than stupid people.Carly was fantastic but she did not win,,but she also did not loose.Stop blaming someone else!!!!!!!! OMG people Lee Ann I hope you don't let STUPID bring you down,You were great and I could see the love you had for Carly even though her parents need someone to blame! SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!


What ever LeAnn Rimes's personal reason, there should not be any excuse for her to mess up the X Factor performance, especially when she is not singing alone, her job is to sing it together with the new come like Carly and give full support to her, and not to outshine her. This is not your show you are just an outsider or a guest to the show. LeAnn Rime is such a mess, this is the result of stealing someone husband and have to live in guilt for the rest of her life. Her interview in E News shown how guilty she felt....

@ My Thoughs

Where did Lee Ann mess up,???? stop blaming someone else Carly did not win because she still has a lot of growing to do,not because of Lee Ann,get over it!!!!! Carly has a hudge future ahead of her.Lee Ann was GREAT so stop crying. BULLYING is aganist the law!!!!!!!! They were great together and you could see the love Lee Ann had for Carly So STOP!!!!!!!


I knew something was wrong with her when she opened her mouth. First I thought she may have been trying to upstage the girl and let her know she's not in her league yet but then her singing was awful and it made Carley look bad. I was so upset she came out there and messed it up for that girl. She needs to get herself together and addict yes she is some kind of abuser she needs more Rehab and some Therapy so mental work. LeAnn please take care and focus on you.Right now you should be solo all men aren't good for you some can take you to your lowest and even death. Let eddie go come back to us the real LeAnn.

@ Janet

I suppose I can't say for sure if she was intoxicated, but she wasn't even singing words. It was like the last person at the bar singing karoake at 1am where they just sort of hum the tune. She was not clearly singing any of the lyrics, which typically means she either: A) forgot the words to her own darn song B) was nervous (seems odd for a supposed star) or C) was on something. Judging by the slurred speech, the constant grabbing onto the girl to hold herself up, and the wierd phrasing/timing of her delivery....i say she was either drunk or just frazzled from probably banging some random married guy in the back before she went on stage because this pathetic skank can't seem to feel good, unless she is using her body to make up for what she obviously lacks in personality/talent or degrading an ex so she looks good! lol. It sucks being a has been, skank that threw any chance she had out the door when she decided wrecking marriages and paying a mna to stay with you was a good idea! I don't feel sorry for her. She obviously has no self esteem, but at her age that's no excuse for acting like she has.

@ Janet


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