Kris Jenner Divorce Update: Is Bruce Moving Out?

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Kris Jenner has labeled rumors of a divorce from her husband of 22 years as "ridiculous."

But a new tabloid story is fueling talk that this union is about to crumble, as Star Magazine reports Bruce Jenner is looking to take children Kylie and Kendall and move out of the family mansion.

Kylie and Kendall "broke down crying" when told of their father's decision, a source tells the tabloid, while the same insider says the real tension stems from Kris placing her children's careers over their childhoods.

Somewhere, Kim Kardashian has no idea at all what this person is talking about.

According to insiders, a huge fight broke out between Bruce and Kris recently.

The former stormed out and stepchildren Kourtney, Khloe and Robert actually took his side, we're told, because they want what's best for their younger siblings.

Simply put, "the family really is in an all out war," concludes the mole.

Kris Jenner Divorce Story

For more on this possible divorce, pick up the above copy of Star. It goes on sale today. Or any other tabloid covering the Jenners for the rest of your life.


i think Kris is the reason behind Kim's abortive relationships and Kris has to tjhink better of the two younger ones instead of showing them the negative side of life


when Bruce gets the ba*** to move out I want to be there to help him pack


Kim mother treat Bruce Jenner like crap,and he is a nice guy ,gave her and her kids everything and she is mean! I feel sorry for Kendall and Kylie because they have to see there parent split why did they just have a trial separation and the can date maybe that what Kris wants to go on a date to make he feel like she still got it or something! You think?


Bruce ,run while you can, Kris things she going to get anything better,she's crazy she just want to be one of the girls,I'm sorry but she keep going to the same pastic surgeon that Kim go to to ,her and Kim are starting to look like each other like Latoya and Micheal sorry Micheal love you Rip:(


It was Kim's mommy that encouraged her to pose for PLAYBOY ...what a mother!!


Personally, I am happy to know that Bruce is smarter than he wants u s to know and made the best decision of his life. Leaving the traitor in the relationship. She has consitently belittled this man, made fun of him, and was horrible to him. He got tired of it and made the decision best for him and in disguise his two young daughters. Hurray Bruce, I admire your courage and your resolve. She is not the one and never really was.


Can't wait for something bad it's about time as I have been suffering and watching these azzholes get dollars and but crack credit cards. disgusting.


It's no wonder Bruce is calling it quits. Kris has not been the most graciousl wife to him. Constantly belittling him. No man should put up with that.


Bruce needs to get out fast, Its obvious that Kris cares about Kris and boyfriends. Is it any wonder why Kim acts the way she does???


About time for bruce see her for her for whats she is. all for her self , and I,m glad he'll be taking his two girls with him, thay will have a cleaner life .. saw one of his girls on Hawii =five -o

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