Kris Jenner Divorce Update: Is Bruce Moving Out?

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Kris Jenner has labeled rumors of a divorce from her husband of 22 years as "ridiculous."

But a new tabloid story is fueling talk that this union is about to crumble, as Star Magazine reports Bruce Jenner is looking to take children Kylie and Kendall and move out of the family mansion.

Kylie and Kendall "broke down crying" when told of their father's decision, a source tells the tabloid, while the same insider says the real tension stems from Kris placing her children's careers over their childhoods.

Somewhere, Kim Kardashian has no idea at all what this person is talking about.

According to insiders, a huge fight broke out between Bruce and Kris recently.

The former stormed out and stepchildren Kourtney, Khloe and Robert actually took his side, we're told, because they want what's best for their younger siblings.

Simply put, "the family really is in an all out war," concludes the mole.

Kris Jenner Divorce Story

For more on this possible divorce, pick up the above copy of Star. It goes on sale today. Or any other tabloid covering the Jenners for the rest of your life.


If Bruce leaves, who will pay for his future plastic surgeries?

@ Gramma2KT

I'm sure Bruce has plenty of money. He's been a recognizable celeb figure for nearly 30 years. Who honestly knew about Kris before the show? Not many, aside from her being the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian after the OJ trial. I sure hope this story is true. Apparently he does have a separate house, but one story I read was it was because he wanted some privacy, especially since, apparently, Kim, Kanye & the baby have moved into the house & it was just too hectic. I'm sure the girls are upset but Kendall has a future in modeling & I think Kylie might too if she chooses. Bruce needs to get them out now while there's still a chance to steer them in the right direction. It's great to read that Khloe, Kourtney & Robert support Bruce. At least SOME of the family has some sense.

Kathleen a tayon adams

Even if it is not true. Don't blame the guy at all with all he has to put up with in that house.

@ Kathleen A Tayon-Adams

he didn't, Kris runs the show because she's greedy when it comes to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.As for her daughters ,well they all sucks !!


Yo Bruce, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but Kris is one of the worst wives of all time. One of the worst people of all time!

@ Vernon



Chris is selfish and money-hungry! If I was Bruce, I would've moved out A LONG TIME AGO. He's better off with someone else. It's funny how she says that its quiet in the house when he left to the other house. But seriously, like he is ever loud. I watch the show, but i have no respect for her at all. She seems greedy and the only important thing to her is more fame and more money. :/


She sold her kids to the devil....


Bruce is a good dad. If he moved out it is pretty much over. Move on Bruce, you will find someone nice.


Bruce is spending time with his children from his first marriage away from the camera,s. Good dad.


Kris is a pimp. She has done it to all of the girls, and is now working on the two younger ones. I have never seen anyone so money driven, and willing to put her children up for grabs. I still believe she put out the Kim sex tape.


Bruce run and dont look back. This woman will be your downfall. Any thing or any body for the all mighty dollar.


انا نفسى اشوف الحجات دهين

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