Kim Kardashian Pregnant? Nope, Just Sick! (UPDATED)

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Another week, another Kim Kardashian pregnant rumor.

Following reports this week that the reality star was suffering from a bout of morning sickness, sources have come out and confirmed only half of that allegation.

"She had a touch of the flu" on Christmas, an insider tells Hollywood Life.

Kim Kardashian Laughing

This same source makes the valid point that Kris Jenner would announce it to the world if Kim were actually knocked up, while adding:

"I do know that Kim wants to be a mom, but she first wants to get married or at least engaged."

It's unclear why. Kourtney Kardashian hasn't bothered taking that route for either of her children.

Kardashian may look like she's packed on a few pounds recently, but another family friend has a non-pregnancy related reason for that as well:

“If she looks bigger, its only because holiday eating!”

And, not to worry, folks, we have a feeling Kim will soon regain the bikini body she never lost anyway. While banking six figures from a tabloid in the process.

That's just how she rolls.

UPDATE: Correction... she is knocked up! Kanye West made the announcement on December 30 and confirmed: Kim is expecting!!!

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant? Nope, Just Sick! (UPDATED)
Ain't it the hottest thing?


Oh Jesus, not one of these. Spiritual Ivan, please go away, no one cares about your spam.


The rumor she was pregnant started because she and Kanye were supposedly seen coming out of a gynecologist's office together and i thought i read that on HERE.


LOL @ Snicker. Kim's not overweight, she's just not anorexic, which is a good thing.
Anyone counting how many pregnancy rumors this is for Kim? I think I'm at about 20, but might be off by one or two one way or the other. Rumors are rumors, unfortunately, people mistake them for facts.


Looks like mama kris kartrashian is posting again. No I'd say kim trash is just like, Overweight!!!!!


Its just another nonstory designed to put women down for being human beings who fluctuate in weight gain. Pathetic ...utterly pathetic.

@ Marianna

Agreed. Our society expects all women to look like a stick-figure. It's not happening.