Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photos: Ogle Away!

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You're not gonna believe this, but Kim Kardashian recently posed for French fashion magazine Factice and the lingerie photos that resulted from the shoot are quite revealing.

If you're a Kim fan, they're nothing short of ogle-worthy.

Kim Kardashian: HOT Photo!
Kim Kardashian is Hot

The cover girl for the new issue isn't covering much.

Kim's sexy spread includes garter belts, lacy lingerie, a pearl necklace (yeah, yeah), fur wraps and sky-high heels. Kanye is buying 1,000 copies right about now.

"Here are the inside shots from my cover issue of Factice Magazine, shot by Vijat Mohindra," Kim blogged. "I'm so pleased with the way the shots turned out."

"This was such a glamorous, feminine shoot and it was an honor to work with Vijat."

And an honor, as always, to increase Kim's celebrity by posting them, while simultaneously wondering how she got so famous. The cycle is not un-paradoxical.

Anyway, hot stuff! Click to enlarge more Kim Kardashian photos below:

Oui, Kim
Kim Kardashian in Lingerie Pic
Kim Kardashian Lingerie
Kim Kardashian: Seductive!

thank gawd this garbagebag booty on 3 inch legs has photoslop ....
he may wanna fire his photoslop techie though after not placing the phony leg in the right position ...
stay inside if she wants people to believe she looks like this !
ahahahahae seen her out & she is a laughing stock ..
a lil' overstyled ... ass clown ..
horribly short twisted legs ...ugh ...disgustin for REALZ


Kim is certainly the hottest woman out there. No one in Hollywood even compares. Great pics.


I am sooo sick & tired of this douche bag. Seriously, doesn't she realize that she looks old, & like a big fat hoe in these pictures. OMG please make it STOP. She is hated by sooo many people, including me, & she really needs to go away...


Kim K may not be well liked by many people. But, I do find her attractive, independent, and persistent. She does have some great qualities Kanye and some men like in a woman.

@ Ernest

well the only thing men like about her is her BIG ASS and that she's good in bed.


If you've got it, flaunt it I always say. And Kim definitely has what it takes to flaunt it all! Good for her, wish I was that sexually desirable. I guess better her than me, cause I'd be naked for the rest of my life if I was as beautiful....just sayin'! ;)


She may be pretty but her hip are too big for this type of porn and her breast are starting to snag! Its not all those millions enough that she has to do near naked photos of herself. She needs to stop, she just too old for pictures like this.

@ bess

Dude those breast are beautiful i can't believe you


I'm not a huge fan of the family,but I must admit the photos are nice she is so beautiful to me. They don't bother me really because anytime they're on tv if I don't want to see them I simply TURN THE CHANNEL!!


Kim Kardashian you are 32 yrs old. Just stop it. you may be a known star on a reality show but you are on magazines and stuff but io say if you are over 26 you should just stop. it went from a woman to a girl on a magazine whose basically half naked in front of magazine. I read magazines all the time and i just saw last week that you were planning to have a baby. YOu shouldnt be doing this you are way pass that young age just stop. not really a big fan of your show or you im just giving some big ADVICE.

@ @AwkwardMoments

What the heck does age have to do with anything? She looks just as gorgeous as she's always been. There's people way older than her that are doing the same exact thing she's doing and no one complains about them. Just because it's Kim Kardashian, everyone's going to complain. She's a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants to do. She's just doing her job. And only she can decide when/if she wants to have a baby. She is still capable of having one, it might be just a little bit harder for her, but it's still possible for her to have one. She doesn't have to have a baby when she's in her 20's like everyone else. Early 30's is a good age to start, especially when you have a career like hers. Age is nothing but a number. You can't please everyone. The pictures are flawless, she looks absolutely stunning. That's all that matters.


Agreed, The Kardashian's have nothing on REAL Talent. There are all TRASH.


What happened to her face. Surgery or she doesn't age well. Oh she is so attention starved again she must be competing with Rhianna. LOL!!! Someone take out the trash please!!

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