Kendall Jenner Goes Blank, Poses for Random Magazine

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The modeling career of Kendall Jenner is officially in full force.

The 17-year old step-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian is featured in the Fasion Issue of Blank, which we're told is an actual magazine.

What do you think of her unique spread?

We know of at least one person who is a fan of it.

Big sister Khloe Kardashian Tweeted this week:

“How insane is Kendall’s BLANK Magazine cover?!"

"I can’t believe what she looks like, I am seriously dying over this," she continued, hopefully not being literal. "So proud of my little supermodel :)"

Say what you want about this family - PLEASE! - but you cannot dispute the simple fact that they do support one another's attempts to make money.

Kendall Jenner Blank Magazine Cover
Kendall Jenner in Blank Magazine
Kendall Jenner Goes Blank
Kendall Jenner in Blank

she's alright but she isn't a model by any means these pictures don't have model on them at all. she uses simple poses and is covering her neck in one who ever directed her poses needs to be shot. . .she's 17 she should be out doing regular teen girl things. Kris is absolutely behind this.

Jamie gent

Its very simple. Shes a skinny, 17 year old girl. The only reason this is "good" is because Mommy exploits all of her girls, and paid someone to play with photoshop.


She is pretty enough to be a model. Modeling is 99.99 pct publicity. There are millions of beautiful women that can't make it as a model since they don't have publicists with strong connections. A good publicist can take nearly any beautiful women and make her famous. Few models make it on ATM because magazines push their own brands and have their own connections. They choose who to make famous.


i dont think kendall is ugly. kylie is the not so good looking one of both of them. she has a witch chin.


Do they own stock in photoshop? Without the use of that, Kendall really is not pretty at all. She is developing that "no look" look, she's 17, let her look like it. Momager really needs to stop being so greedy.


Sorry,I just don't see her as anything special. She's pretty average and her younger sister is even less attractive!


these photos could be of any girl, any place , anytime............a jenner? yep......because she's a jenner.........


Kris ,
You pimped out you older three girls! Enough is enough!! Are you going to have her make a sex tape too? Anything for money! It's disgusting how you put her in the limelight because your older girls are losing there fame and you need the money!


She looks just like a tall skinny version of her big sis Kim in the last pic..


No problem her family will buy her some gigs no matter if she is deserving or not.

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