Kendall Jenner Goes Blank, Poses for Random Magazine

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The modeling career of Kendall Jenner is officially in full force.

The 17-year old step-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian is featured in the Fasion Issue of Blank, which we're told is an actual magazine.

What do you think of her unique spread?

We know of at least one person who is a fan of it.

Big sister Khloe Kardashian Tweeted this week:

“How insane is Kendall’s BLANK Magazine cover?!"

"I can’t believe what she looks like, I am seriously dying over this," she continued, hopefully not being literal. "So proud of my little supermodel :)"

Say what you want about this family - PLEASE! - but you cannot dispute the simple fact that they do support one another's attempts to make money.

Kendall Jenner Blank Magazine Cover
Kendall Jenner in Blank Magazine
Kendall Jenner Goes Blank
Kendall Jenner in Blank

I'm sure her family will buy her a career in the industry and we will have to endure her for several years.


Opportunity, opportunity! I guess this is a classic case of the "haves and the have nots! Kendall has the model looks, but the body is not quite there yet. Model agencies evidently look for the "thin is in," candidates, but Kendall doesn't have to qualify as most deserving young ladies looking toward the "open door." Sad, sad commentary!!


Let's be serious now. The only reason these sisters have modeling careers is because of their fame and influence. True, they are pretty but so are many other girls. What musician or rich guy's pretty daughter hasn't had a "modeling" or "recording" career?


It not step they are half sister's. Why do people get so freaking confused. Kris and Bruce had two girls together so that means they are have sisters to the kardashian siblings.


KJ is very pretty...isn't she the Kardashians half sister...not step...


I read articles like this to pass the time and pass the time only, not like its actual news or anything, however, writers should try their best to be accurate in their word choices. Kendall is NOT the stepsister to the kardashian girls. She is their half sister. A step sibling is a person without the same mom or dad biologically whose parents married each other. That is not the case here, all these girls share the same mom. Try and get it "write" next time!!


I think she is a beautiful young lady with loads of potential. The person writing the story needs to get their facts right though, they are not step-sisters, they are half sisters (same mom different dads). There is a difference.

Mo b

She is gorgeous. She just needs to stop her fugly ass sister (Kylie) from tagging along and dragging her down.


She is so beautiful and she has what it takes. I just think she is Amazing. You go for it girl, you have it♥ I love all the pic's they are so beautiful:)


There's a lot of hating hoes on this comment section. Kendall if you look at her insta gets over a qt million likes on facebooks without make up and just a pair of jeans. She's tall, and has excellent bone structure. The cover photo is amazing, and just give credit when credit is due. oh and by the way being a 17 yr old model is far from young. I f you go to modeling convention across the country mothers are pimping out there daughters at the age of 11. come on we all saw the 8 yr old with make and heels in vogue. btw who is even saying Kris is pimping out kylie. ummm maybe u think Kendalls internship at seventeen an anything to do with it, or maybe getting selected for that cheer leading magazine back in the day. Give her a damn break, and maybe you'll see that there not necessarily money hungry, but captializing on opppounrutnity

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