Kendall Jenner Goes Blank, Poses for Random Magazine

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The modeling career of Kendall Jenner is officially in full force.

The 17-year old step-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian is featured in the Fasion Issue of Blank, which we're told is an actual magazine.

What do you think of her unique spread?

We know of at least one person who is a fan of it.

Big sister Khloe Kardashian Tweeted this week:

“How insane is Kendall’s BLANK Magazine cover?!"

"I can’t believe what she looks like, I am seriously dying over this," she continued, hopefully not being literal. "So proud of my little supermodel :)"

Say what you want about this family - PLEASE! - but you cannot dispute the simple fact that they do support one another's attempts to make money.

Kendall Jenner Blank Magazine Cover
Kendall Jenner in Blank Magazine
Kendall Jenner Goes Blank
Kendall Jenner in Blank

Hey dad I need you to see this!
about my momney


She looks like she has a migraine on the cover shot. She is pretty, but vapid. There is nothing in her eyes.


It would seem to the general public, me included, that this young 13 year old was able to gain entry to the modeling world due to her family connections. Based upon my extensive research on models, fashion and idealized beauty, it doesn't seem like she has the look that high fashion demands. Just was Tyra's show...the young girls there have more interesting faces that seem closer to high fashion. Hey, it pays to know the right person or to have a Mother who will make the right connections on your behalf. God bless her.


It's half sister no step sister right

@ Jessica

yes! they're half sisters not step.


~She's an excellent model, with an excellent look. Very pretty features. I love the photos. She's the only one in the Kardashian family who has an honest career & talent. I hope her career skyrockets !

@ Denise Sage

Are you kidding me? I work in model industry and her face is completely contured i have seen her other pics, she would never really be a great model if it weren't for having a rich family...


She's Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe's HALF sister, not STEP sister


Um yea thy have the same Mom, so that makes them half sisters! Come on now Mr. Hater it sounds like you're Hating. lol


Oh one more piece of advice. DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT. This photo is good. You are you and if sales are involved in the career and business . It is you offering your way Take me as I am. .Pushy people? You are "Take me as I am but thankyou for the offer" Oh and smile smile smile. Think of a joke.


I think she will do great. The only thing she needs to do is think outside of the box. Think outside or stay away from friendships in LA Hollywood and just about everywhere in California but your family and you will do fine. I would rather be called a prude than actually be one. If you don't socialize with fake friends who "Play" Hollywood in their unfounded career heads and just play Family you ewill be great. You are beautiful. Just smile smile smile!


I don't believe the story, Hilton Hater can't even get their relationship with the Kardashians correct, they're half sisters not step sisters.

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