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maybe first baby out with solve who gets to be in line first to the throne. Very simple.


Correct spelling is womb not whom!


Having experienced this same dilemma with both my pregnancies, I can say that it doesn't necessarily mean she is carrying twins. And, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will resolve by the end of the first trimester. Oh, and it also doesn't mean that because you experience morning sickness your baby will come out with a full head of hair... All pretty much wive's tales... or, coincidence...

I was hospitalized 3-4 times with during my second pregnancy throughout the 9 months for hyperemisis gravidarum and it's no joke. It's like your worst case scenario stomach flu or food poisoning, but it's constant throughout the day and night and could last until you deliver your baby-which is what happened in my case.

I'm sure they are being very cautious with Kate, as well they should be. She's so thin anyway, to lose up to 10 pounds because of this could be bad for her not only the baby.

Rather than speculate whether she is carrying twins why not wait for an official announcement when they are ready to confirm what ever it is they have to. Leave the poor girl to rest without having to know the whole world is watching.... Jeez...

I wish her well and a speedy recovery. =)

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